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What is Match Fixing Dota 2, here's the complete info -

What is Match Fixing Dota 2

What is Match Fixing Dota 2 – The Dota 2 Esports Tournament is one that is always interesting to discuss. Starting from the exciting action of the pro players in the tournament, as well as the various dramas that occurred. Esposrt Dota 2 is indeed one of the most developed at the international level, so don’t be surprised if the prizes in the tournament are of fantastic value.

The most highlighted drama in Dota 2 tournaments is of course related to Match Fixing. Have you ever used that term? For fans of dota 2, of course, you are very familiar with the word match fixing. For those who still don’t understand, see the full discussion of What is Match Fixing Dota 2 in the continuation of this article.

  • What is Match Fixing Dota 2

Match fixing if translated into Indonesian means setting the score. It means the final result of the game that has been set previously. Match fixing doesn’t only happen in the realm of esports dota 2. In other official sports, cases like this are often found. Match fixing or match is often related to betting (Gamble / bet). Dota 2 tournaments are often used as a medium for similar bets, especially in China.

Of course match fixing is a prohibited crime. The party involved in fixing the score can gain more advantage than the winning team, because it has lost intentionally. The world of esports in the dota 2 field is indeed the most subscribed to these cases, as earlier this year experienced by the Newbee Team. All team members were banned for life because they were proven to have mixed fixing.

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  • Some Dota 2 Match Fixing Scandals

The existence of match fixing cases cannot be forgiven. Therefore, Valve gave a non-playing penalty for teams and pro players who were proven to have taken match fixing actions. As mentioned in the previous paragraph, earlier this year a match fixing case was found from the Newbie strong team. Last year there were also quite a number of match fixing cases in various major Dota 2 tournaments. Well, here is a list of dota 2 match fixing cases that resulted in a Banned penalty from Valve,

  1. The first case occurred in May 2021, carried out by Restu a player from cyber TRAKTOR in a WePlay tournament.
  2. Furthermore, still in the same month, it was carried out by one of the best teams from China, namely Newbie. Not just in one tournament, but four major tournaments. ImbaTV, Dota2 Professional League, Mars Dota 2 League, and Chinese Dota2 Professional Association.
  3. Then in the following month, June 2021, Chen, Jano, and Xuan from the PlusOne team took part in the Beyond the Summit tournament.
  4. Next, one of the most shocking cases was in August 2021. It was carried out by the LING ER Team in two tournaments, namely WePlay and Epic Esports Event.
  5. The most recent one was in January 2021. Again involving the Newbie team, this time match fixing occurred in the Perfect World tournament. As a result, the entire team is banned for life for all Dota 2 tournaments.

Well, that was complete information about What is Match Fixing Dota 2. It’s a shame that a famous team like Newbie had to be banned for life. Hopefully in the future the Dota 2 esports tournament can be cleaner and free from match fixing.

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