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These are 5 Recommended Mid Lane Champions in League of Legends: Wild Rift

Confused which champion you should choose in Mid Lane when playing League of Legends: Wild Rift? This guide will give you champion recommendations Mid Lane Wild Rift from beginners to advanced.

Mid Lane is a very crucial middle lane in all games MOBA because of its location adjacent to the jungle either on the top or bottom. Especially in Wild Rift, the location is very close to the Baron Pit and Dragon Pit. Usually, the champion that is often used in Mid Lane are Mage and Assassin types who have high burst damage at the beginning of the game to clear minions quickly.

Play in Mid Lane requires good rotational skills such as helping Junglers to kill Dragon or Baron, ganking towards Baron Lane and Dragon Lane, to zoning to open maps around the Mid Lane area.

Here are five champions Mid Lane recommendation from PentaGames in Wild Rift.

1. Ahri


Ahri is a Mage champion that must be included in the list. This champion you can use for free under level 10 and is quite easy to use for beginners. He has a large burst of damage so he can clear minions quickly.

The skill combo from him is quite scary. Starting from the Charm that makes the enemy move towards him and deals magic damage. Then, added with Fox-Fire and Orb of Deception skills which will provide magic damage and movement speed. Finally, end with the ultimate Spirit Rush skill that allows him to dash 3x so that the enemy can die in seconds.

2. Orianna


Orianna is the best champion for zoning because he can throw his machine ball in the specified direction using the Command: Attack skill. He himself was quite in the back line. This skill can be combined with Command: Dissonance which will give a pulse for slow effects and magic damage.

If attacked by an enemy, it doesn’t matter because his Command: Protect skill will shield you or your friends through the machine ball. During a team fight, his ultimate skill Command: Shockwave can give magic damage and knock all enemies to the ball. So you and your team can finish off the enemy in one hit.

3. Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate often considered underrated in Mid Lane even though he has enough ability to make enemies difficult with the Pick a Card skill. This skill will have a choice of three cards where a red card will give damage and slow effects, a yellow card will give a stun effect, and a blue card will deal considerable damage.

His Wild Card skill will shoot cards in three different directions. He will be more troublesome for the enemy if he does a combo with the Stacked Deck skill that will give him magic damage and attack speed. His ultimate Destiny skill allows him to teleport to a certain direction on the map.

4. Yasuo


Impossible not to enter Yasuo to the Mid Lane champion list. Although he can also be played in Baron Lane, Yasuo in Mid Lane is very dangerous if all his skills hit minions and enemies.

His Steel Tempest skill will give physical damage and if it hits the enemy 2x, he can issue a whirlwind in the next attack. His Wind Wall can be used to withstand attacks from enemies. The combo of his Sweeping Blade and Last Breath skills will deal magic damage and keep the enemy in the air before finally issuing a critical strike.

5. Zed


Zed is one of the scariest Assassin champions because of his combos that can kill enemies in an instant. His Razor Shuriken skill will deal physical damage to all enemies in his path of attack.

His Living Shadow skill will cast a shadow that will both attack in the direction he determines. If surrounded by enemies, his Shadow Slash can provide physical damage in a 360-degree area. Moreover, his ultimate Death Mark skill is the most terrible because he will mark the enemy and deal great damage.

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Those are the 5 Mid Lane Champion Recommendations in League of Legends: Wild Rift, don’t make the mistake of picking the champion in Mid Lane, okay?

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