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This is the Latest Leaked Hero Mobile Legends, the 106th Fighter!

2021 is going smoothly for Moonton and its flagship game, Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. In terms of gameplay to competitive, this game is skyrocketing. Getting a result like this doesn’t make Moonton stop providing the latest hero content for this one game.

Reported from a data leak by a youtubers named Coca Cola-Sama, it is known that Moonton has prepared a new hero for Mobile Legends. This latest hero has the code name Shift Punisher, he is a hero who falls into the category fighter.

If we look at the leaked images obtained Coca Cola-Sama, we can see that the appearance of this new hero is somewhat similar to Darius or Garen from League of Legends. The weapon he uses is a kind of chain that has magic power.

New Hero Mobile Legends

Overall, he looks like a character taken from Greek mythology and mixed with the elements in Mobile Legends. Judging from his appearance too, this hero could also have a relationship with other heroes who are similar to him, you name it Moscow or Dyrroth.

So far, only the appearance has been leaked, while the skill set is still an indicator display. There has been a lot of speculation about this hero’s skill set, starting from skill 1 which is Area of ​​Effect Damage to the ultimate skill which is a blink.


Previously Moonton has released Paquito as his newest hero to start this year, besides Moonton also still have stock of other heroes to release. Currently, on the advance server, there is already a hero named Beatrix, a unique marksman who is ready to be released in the near future before this fighter hero is released.

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There is still plenty of time for Moonton if they want to change the appearance or skill set of this 106th newest hero. Because it is only available on the advance server, this latest hero may still experience drastic changes before being shown to the public later.

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