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The Best Mobile Legends Emblem Build Guide in Indonesian

Emblems are very useful to increase the status of heroes that should be felt in the early game. In improving the emblem, it’s better to focus on the type of hero that is often used in ranked games because raising the level of the emblem requires a lot of money. Prioritize talent at the bottom because it has a very useful effect in the game. Here we will discuss the emblem build in order from left to right and from top to bottom.

1. Physical

The physical emblem consists of 3 parts. There are 3 at the top, from left to right, namely Vitality (adds HP), Firmness (adds armor). Shield (magic resistance). For the top, it’s better to take firmness level 1 and shield level 2 because usually the damage from magic skills is more painful, especially in the early and mid games.
In the second part, there is bravery (adds physical attack), swift (adds attack speed), and fatal (adds critical chance). Here it is better to maximize the fatal for critical chance because the attack speed or physical attack is already more than the item so it will not be felt.
In the third part there is a life drain and open power. Life drain functions to regenerate HP by 3% of max HP after killing minions, while open power increases physical attack by 5% for 3 seconds after dealing damage with skills. Here it is better to choose open fire because it is more useful in fighting enemy heroes.


Choose Awaken (Mana Regen) in the first talent part, desire (cd reduction and vampire spell) in the second talent, and magic power surge in the third talent.
Awaken will work more because fast regeneration is more needed for magic type heroes than energy that increases mana or vitality that increases HP. Likewise, desire which adds 2 statuses at once compared to flow which adds magic power or observation which adds magical penetration. Likewise with power surges that function similarly to open fire in physical, which adds 5% magic damage for 3 seconds after dealing damage, it will work more when fighting enemy heroes.

3. Tanks

In the first talent section, choose the middle emblem (firmness) that adds armor or the far right, namely a shield that adds magic resistance. In the second part of talent, it depends on the type of hero. If you use a lot of skills, you can choose the far left (inspire) to reduce the cooldown time, while if you want to add armor you can choose the middle one (fortress), or purity for magic resistance (far right). It’s better if in the first part you choose armor, the second part choose magic resistance so that the defense is more balanced. For the last talent, choose tenacity on the bottom left which increases physical and magic defense when HP is below 40%.

4. Jungle

The first part chooses the middle (brutal), to add physical damage to the monster, the second is swift which increases attack speed. For the part when choosing a mage killer that adds damage to turtles and lords.

5. Assassin

Choose bravery on the top left, invasion on the middle left, and Bounty Hunter on the bottom left. Bravery or invasion can be changed to other parts according to how you play, but it’s better to focus on damage because this is an assassin emblem and usually assassins focus more on skills.

6. Mage

Choose mastery in the upper middle (reduces skill cooldown time), catastrophe (increases magic power) in the middle of the second part, and impure rage in the lower right (increases magic damage and restores mana when dealing damage with skills to the opponent).

7. Fighter

For the very top choose the bravery on the far left. Likewise, in the second part, choose talent invasion on the far left, and continue with talent disabling strike on the bottom right.

8. Support

At the very top choose Mastery which reduces cooldown time by 5%, for the second part, if the support hero does not have a heal skill, choose the middle (rupture), if the hero has a heal skill like Rafaela or Estes then choose the leftmost part (gift). For the very bottom, choose the one on the right (Pull Yourself Together) which reduces the cooldown and ressurection time by 15%.

9. Marksman

As the name implies, this emblem is made specifically for marksman-type heroes. This marksman emblem didn’t exist at first and only appeared a few months ago. The marksman type hero needs critical damage so that the attack will hurt, so choose a talent that increases critical chance or critical damage. For the first or top talent, choose fatal (far right) which increases crit chance, in the second select doom (far left), and at the end or bottom choose weakness finder at the bottom right.

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