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6 Ways to Get Emblems in Mobile Legends 2021

In playing the game, of course, victory in the game cannot be separated from the role of the emblem that has a high level and settings that match the hero and how the player plays. Currently, there are several ways to increase the level of these emblems, namely:

1. Magic Wheel

To play magic wheel, we need diamonds that can be purchased with money or obtained from live streaming. The Magic Wheel can be accessed by selecting the shop menu on the left of the screen after logging in, then after that select the magic wheel.

2. Lucky Spin

Currently, every day we get 1 free lucky spin and if you want to add it, you need 20 tickets for one spin. Usually in this lucky spin, besides having emblems, there are also random hero skins that can be obtained.

3. Daily Tasks

By running daily tasks, we can get emblems or boxes containing emblems. To see the daily task, you can select the menu under the free chest.

4. Buy at the Shop / Shop

On the left after logging in, there is a shop / shop menu, we can buy emblems with gold that we get from playing games.

5. Medal Chest and Free Chest

When you first enter the game, usually the medal chest and free chest will be immediately visible. Medal Chest is obtained when the medal chest bar is full. The way to fill the bar is to play as well as possible so that you get a bronze, silver, gold, or MVP status/medal. If you get MVP, usually this medal chest bar is immediately full and can be opened, while gold fills 7 parts, silver 4, and bronze 2. However, this Medal Chest can only be obtained 1 time a day. Free Chests are obtained every 4 hours and must be opened to reset the timer. Likewise, medal chests must be opened to reset the timer.

6. Achievements

By completing achievements and reaching certain levels, we can get a fairly decent amount of emblems. Achievements can be accessed via the menu at the very bottom.

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