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Script Skin Claude STARLIGHT (Raider Pirate) Free Mobile Legends

Free download the skin script for Claude Starlight member Plunderous Pirate, the latest 2021 Mobile Legends – Hello friends, everyone who likes to play mobile legend games. Especially this time the admin is going to share a little with his friends who want to know how to get the Claude Starlight skin for free. Instead of having to buy it at an expensive price when there is a free one, why not? Of course, all of my friends want to have free skins, especially when they’re playing in draft pick ranked mode. Wow, surely it will appear rich, or what is usually called the sultan.

But don’t worry, this is where you can get free mobile legend skins by downloading an ML script. Buddy can use it to get Starlight Claude Skin for free.

Would you like to know more? Just check out the explanation on how to get the Starlight Claude Mobile Legend Skin for free.

Download the Starlight Claude Plunderous Pirate Skin Script

Buddy, first download the Claude Starlight member script skin HERE.


Copy Claude’s free skin file that was just downloaded:

Android >> DATA >> >> Files >> Dragon >> Assets >> Documents >> Android = Now the last one, paste or paste the script file you downloaded earlier. You can overwrite the file directly.

note : If you choose to use this skin clause script, your account is more likely to get banned. So the administrator recommends that you use it on a small account just in case. Well, creating a small account isn’t difficult either, my friend can delete your Mobile Legend game data and then log in with an email that has never been linked to your Mobile Legend account. Also Read: Free Miya Suzuhime Special Skin Script and Experiment 21 Hayabusa Starlight Skin Script.

Well, that’s the whole explanation about the Starlight Claude Plunderous Pirate Skin Script for Free Mobile Legends. Hopefully this will be useful to all of you and don’t forget to share it with your other friends.

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