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How to get a free Alucard Viscount Skin

How to get skin viscount alucard free of charge

How to get Alucard Viscount Skin for free – Hello friends, all players of Mobile Legends Game, on this occasion the admin will provide a tutorial about the currently popular Mobile Legends game, namely how to get a free Alucard Starlight Viscount Skin.

But first let’s learn a little about the hero alucard.

Hero Alucard in Mobile Legends is a hero with a fighter / assassin role. This hero is pretty strong because he has a pretty immune life and is able to hit 1 on 5.

This makes it easy for many Alucard hero players to go wild. With a high bloodsucker or life deal, it is not uncommon for many players to say that Alucard is the king of the life deal.

But it’s true because every skill exhibited by Alucard’s heroes is capable of sucking his opponent’s blood, so that the opponent’s blood decreases drastically as the Alucard continues to fill up.

Hero Alucard is very good indeed. To complete the game and make it look more professional / good, Alucard players usually complete it with cool skins. One of the skins that Alucard players really want is the Viscount Star Skin.

Alucard’s Viscount skin is a very cool Starlight member skin. Whether from the costume or from every movement. Hautviscount used to be very difficult to come by, but now Hautviscount alucard is free and very easy to get.

Even so, there are still many players who don’t know how to get the Star Alucard Viscount Skin for free. If you don’t know, here are the steps to view and do.

How to get Alucard Viscount Skin for free

~ First way (limited time event)

For the first step, my friend enters the Mobile Legend Game Buddy. Then collect the trophy up to 5 times by playing in ranked or classic mode. But remember that the mug is only available once a day and sometimes you can’t get a mug, so this mug can be considered quite rare.

Then my friend checks in the cup first Mobile Legends >> Backpack. If you have at least five cups, you can try your luck under the heading Shop >> Box. Then please open it, then you can receive several skins, one of which is the Alucard Viscount Skin.

~ Second way

To get a free Alucard Viscount Skin, you can also do it by collecting a fragment, which is a rare skin fragment.

By collecting fragments of this type up to 200 fragments, my friend can exchange them with immediately Skin Alucard Starlight Viscount free without having to use diamonds.

Wow, do you really want to get a free Alucard skin? So keep collecting these rare fragments and exchanging them for free Alucard Viscount skins. For those of you who want to know how to collect rare fragments of skin in order to multiply quickly, you can read them here.

When your rare fragments are enough, just enter the game mobile legends >> shop >> fragment >> rare skin fragment >> skin alucard viscount. This is of course very easy if you know how to collect the fragments quickly.

How to get Alucard-Haut-Atar

So it’s not that hard, is it? Also read: Script for Free EPIC Fanny Skylark Skin and Script for Free LEGEND Saber Skin.

You will receive a free Alucard Viscount Skin that you can try out right away. Those are all discussion tips, hopefully useful and good luck.

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