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Must Know the Painful Tristana Build in League of Legends: Wild Rift

Champion named Tristana currently often used because it has a sick burst damage.

Various combos are offered from the skills you have Tristana can also complicate the opponent’s situation.

Champion with basic Marksman It also has a damage output that can’t be underestimated, guys!


Passive Tristana which name is Draw a Bead, able to provide additional attack distance.

Skill 1 which name is Rapid Fire, able to provide an additional 30% attack-speed, making it difficult to defeat.

Skill 2 which name is Rocket Jump can also be used to chase or escape from the opponent by jumping, this skill also provides additional bonus magic damage.

Ultimate which name is Buster Shot, capable of firing cannonballs at enemies and dealing magic damage and knocking them out.

With a variety of skills on offer, Tristana is often used by several high-tier players!

And currently, the top player champion Tristana filled by players who have In-Game-Nickname (IGN) ‘快手`瓜皮’ with a rating of 5,100.

This player has an interesting build for us to follow, let’s see!


  • Blade of the Ruined King

  • Infinity Edge

  • Gluttonous Quicksilver

  • Rapid Firecannon

  • Phantom Dancer

  • Mortal Reminder

This build adds a variety of benefits that are needed by Tristana.

The combination of these six items is able to provide additional Output Damage, Attack Speed, Critical Rate, Physical/Magical Vamp, Movement Speed, and Armor Penetration.


  • Conqueror

  • Brutal

  • Spirit Walker

  • Mastermind

These runes provide other extras such as Adaptive Damage, Armor Penetration, Max Health, Slow Rasistance, and True Damage.


This build is intended for those of you who want to fill Dragon Lane, guys!

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