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Understanding What Elemental Mastery Is In Genshin Impact

Elemental Mastery or Elemental Reaction is a mechanism that is quite unique in Genshin Impact. However, many players do not consider this and choose to increase their character’s Attack or CRIT Rate. Even though, Elemental Mastery is a very powerful mechanism.

One of the reasons why players rarely pay attention Elemental Mastery due to their lack of knowledge of this mechanism. For that, let’s look at the following explanation

Various Element in Genshin Impact

Various Elements in Genshin Impact

The developer himself mentions Elemental Mastery is a triggerable reaction. At least, there are some elemental reactions that players should be aware of. Starting from Vaporize, Melt, Overload, Superconduct, Frozen, Electro-charged, Burning, Shattered, Swirl, and Crystallize.

Currently, the only Reaction Elemental with Dendro is Burning which comes from Pyro. Even so, you can’t play Dendro’s character until now in Genshin Impact. Meanwhile, Anemo and Geo only have one Reaksei, namely Swirl and Crystallize.

Meanwhile, the other reactions have various properties. Call it for example Vaporize can occur if Hydro and Pyro meet. Meanwhile, Melt is triggered when Cryo meets Pyro.

What’s that Elemental Mastery in Genshin Impact?

Elemental Mastery in Genshin Impact will determine how much damage is generated from Reaction Elemental based on the character that triggered it. Any combination Elemental have a specific reaction. For example, a player who hits an enemy with Electro when his opponent is hit by a Hydro effect, then the Electro-charged damage increases accordingly Elemental Mastery Electro character.

Meanwhile, if Pyro is combined with Electro, it will result in Overloaded. While Cryo meets Electro to produce Superconduct.

However, some Reaction Elemental takes into account the first Element the enemy has received and the second Element. For example, hitting an enemy when hit by water and fire will deal 150% Pyro Damage and Vaporize Reaction. Meanwhile, hitting enemies hit by fire with water will deal 200% Hydro Damage and Vaporize. So, it was important which character could apply basic Elemental Reactions.

Elemental Mastery can increase Reaction Damage much more with the Artifact set. However, some Genshin Impact characters excel when it comes to Elemental Reactions from others. This character is usually known as an excellent Support for triggering Elemental Reactions.

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How? Have you understood this explanation or not? If not, don’t hesitate to ask in the comments column.

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