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Location of the Violetgrass Genshin impact

Location of Violetgrass Genshin Impact
Location of Violetgrass Genshin Impact

Violetgrass is a flower with a drooping crown. It is said that this flower blooms downward so that the original fragrance of this flower is not lost. In addition to its unique shape, Violetgrass’s location is no less unique.

Violetgrass can only be found on the side of the cliff that we normally pass when climbing. Perhaps because of its proximity, Violetgrass was a distant relative of Qingxin. Qingxin was usually at the top of the cliff while Violetgrass was on the cliff wall.

Violet grass

  • Materials for Ascension Qiqi
  • Materials Required to Cook the Small Bass Stew Recipe
  • Materials Required to Cook the Wanmin Restaurant’s Boiled Fish Recipe

Qingce Village Dan Wuwang Hill

Huaguang Stone Forest and Qingyun Peak

Mingyun village

Lingju Pass and Mt. Tianheng

This is the Violetgrass location that will allow you to empower the selected characters in Genshin Impact.

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