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New Genshin Impact content in Update 1.2

New content Genshin impacts update 1.2
New content Genshin impacts update 1.2

miHoYo actually had time to show a roadmap with regular updates that will be presented at Genshin Impact. As a developer, miHoYo keeps its promises one by one. Update 1.1 Genshin Impact includes already released new characters that are present. However, players will be replaced by the 1.2 update that will arrive at Genshin Impact in the near future.

New map: Dragon Vortex

Dragon stinger | Genshin impact

Update version 1.2 brings the first new map expansion called Dragonspine. This region is a frozen mountain range south of Moon City and home to many unique creatures. In addition, players will find plenty of ingredients, rare artifacts and recipes for more than one 4-star weapon there.

Dragonspine will also present travelers with a new challenge to survive in the freezing cold air. With the addition of a sheer cold indicator, players are asked to maintain a warm body temperature. Because this matter becomes necessary and must be remembered by all players every time they are in Dragonspine.

Seasonal event: “White chalk and black dragon”

White chalk and black dragon | Genshin impact

A new seasonal event called “White Chalk and Black Dragon” will also take place at Dragonspine. Players will team up with the character Albedo, the genius alchemist chief and the investigative captain of the Knights of Favonius Moon City to investigate a sword with a mysterious power called Festering Desire. By participating in this seasonal event, players can not only receive maximum refinement from Festering Desire, but also exchange many prizes from the event shop including the Crown of Insight.

Two new characters: Albedo and Ganyu

Two new 5-star characters, namely Albedo and Ganyu, are also added as playable characters. Albedo is a young and ingenious legendary alchemist from Mondstadt, who can be seen in the mission line “White Chalk and Black Dragon”. He armed himself with the sword and the geo-elemental force. Ganyu is an archer with the elemental cryo 1/2 human and 1/2 adeptus who acts as the envoy and secretary of Liyue Qixing.

Update version 1.2 for Gensin Impact will be released on December 23, 2021. Genshin Impact itself can be played for free on PS4 and PS5 via PlayStationStore, on Android via Google Play, on iOS via the App Store and on PC.

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