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Location of Tsurumi Island, The Last Island of Inazuma Genshin Impact V2.2

There is one last island that will be released in the upcoming Genshin Impact v2.2 . The island is named Tsurumi Island, this island has a location quite far from the two islands that have been released. Tsurumi Island is located to the south of Tatarasuna Island and west of Seirei Island.

Previously, the Inazuma Map was predicted to be the smallest of the two previously available maps, but this is not used because the Inazuma map has a very large area.

With Tsurumi Island as the last island, that means, there will be around 6 main islands that are part of the region.

Each island is cut with sea water which allows players to cross between islands. Not only that, the number of Electroculus is also more than the other two regions such as Liyue and Monstadt.

After we saw the two islands that were released in today's update, for those of you who are curious, the leakers have leaked the sighting of Tsurumi Island which will be the last island in Inazuma.

Tsurumi Island Genshin Impact

Tsurumi Island Genshin Impact

Tsurumi Island will have quite dark weather with lots of black clouds around it, at this time, the island has seen sightings if you look at Seirei Island.

The center of Tsurumi Island is a dark lake with a shimmering purple aura, the place also seems to be quite eerie haunted.

Tsurumi Island itself will be released in the upcoming V2.2 update, which for the first leaked banner will be released a new character Yae Miko.

Reportedly, this Yae Miko is an important person in Inazuma, and there are even leaks that she is the Archon Electro.

There are many theories that mention this, Raiden Shogun is currently the person who is referred to as Archon Electro, but it is said that Yae Miko is the original Archon. Whether it's true or not, we just have to wait for it in the upcoming v2.2 update.

Location of Tsurumi Island

Location of Tsurumi Island

Its location is in the southern part of Tatarasuna Island and west of Seirei Island. You can see on the map above which is the location of Tsurumi Island.

This last map is very interesting to wait for, the article for updating only 2 maps has provided a very large update for the mobile platform.

With the release of the Tsurumi Island map, it is certain that Genshin Impact will continue to swell. Maybe some of you will fall in this update.

So that's all for the leaked appearance of Tsurumi Island, which is the last island in Inazuma in the Genshin Impact game.

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