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How to Find Chili Jueyun in Genshin Impact

Jueyun Chili is one of the ascension items in Genshin Impact . Ascension items are one of the most useful items in the game that can improve character . Once the player reaches a certain character level and adventure rating, the player can increase the total limit held on the game character.

How to Find Chili Jueyun in Genshin Impact

This action will increase the damage when doing normal attacks and elemental attacks, so it will be easier for players to defeat bosses. Aside from being an ascension item, the Chili Jueyun was great for players interested in cooking several types of dishes.

Using Jueyun Chili, players can make Black-Back Perch Stew, Minty Meat Rolls, or Jade Parcels. Fortunately, Chili Jueyun can be found easily and is widely available. There are several locations where players can find Jueyun Chili.

  1. First, explore the wild. Players might be able to find Jueyun Chili while wandering around. Given its striking red color, the Chili Jueyun is easier to find when exploring at night.
  2. Second, go to Wanmin Restaurant to buy it. Players can buy five at a time every two days.
  3. Lastly, go to Qingce Village. Players will be able to find Chili Jueyun near the elder's house.

There will likely be more characters needing Jueyun Chili in the future to rank up. Even if players have upgraded certain characters, it is recommended to keep collecting Chili Jueyun when finding them.

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