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How to Remove Data Usage Alerts on Samsung Phones

How to remove data usage warning on Samsung phone 2021 – Most people are probably familiar with Samsung smartphones. On this occasion, the administrator will discuss and provide a small solution for Samsung phone this time, which is how to remove Samsung data usage warning.

Samsung smartphones are Android smartphone which must have been very popular in several countries around the world, including ours.

Before the arrival of new smartphones like vivo, Honor, etc., the Samsung smartphone was already present and became the flagship of the people, so it is no wonder that this Samsung phone was very popular a few years ago.

Until now, Samsung smartphones are still widely used by people, although now they have to compete with several other Android smartphone brands.

There are so many advantages of Samsung smartphones, both in terms of ease of use Touch screenas well as in terms of resistance to damage.

The features contained in it are very numerous indeed, and have some excellent features that are not owned by Smartphone another brand. Well what will be discussed this time is about features Data usage warning the ones on the Samsung phone.


Of course, for those of you who use a Samsung branded Android smartphone, you’ve already received a data usage warning. Why is that happend?

Because the data usage limit you set has reached the limit you set. Because of this, data usage warnings will continue to be displayed along with data usage that continues to grow beyond the specified limit.

How then How to remove the data usage limit on Samsung Mobile that keeps popping up?

To do this, we have to set it ourselves so that the data usage warning can disappear or not appear again. You can follow the method below to prevent Samsung data usage warning from appearing again.

You can delete or remove the data usage warning on your Samsung phone. Whether it’s Samsung J2 Prime, Samsung J7 Pro, Samsung J5, Samsung Mega, etc. Here are the steps.

1. Please open your Samsung phone and then open settings.

2. After that, select it and go to the section Data consumption.

How to turn off data saver on Samsung / How to remove data usage warning from Samsung

3. Then set the warning line to 100 GB so that the warning does not reappear because the average data usage in a month is likely to exceed 100 GB more.

How to Clear Samsung's Data Usage / How to Turn off Samsung's Data Usage Warning

Please also deactivate the settings Data usage limit by removing the check mark.

Complete. Certainly very easy and simple, right? Also Read: How To Quickly Check Samsung Phones RAM

That way, you can roughly get rid of the data usage warning on your Samsung phone. This method is very simple, but there are still many ordinary people who no longer understand this function. Much luck.

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