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How do I get VIP at Tantan?

How do I get VIP in Tantan? – Who doesn’t know an app called Tantan? Surely you know this one application as this video chat application is very popular with people who are satisfied with this random video calling application called Tantan.

Although still new, this Tantan application has now managed to reach more than 10 million downloads in a relatively short period of time.

There are several factors that are the reasons why people are interested in using this tanthanum application. In addition to the free download from the Playstore (Android) and Appstore (ios / iphone), the incessant advertising for the Tantan application via several well-known social media has of course also attracted the public.

Although they have never used the Tantan application, people are familiar with the Tantan application at least through promotions on several social media.

Of course, with the topic of finding a partner / girlfriend, the Tantan application is one of the hopes for those who are still single as they can expect to have a partner by going through this Tantan matchmaking application.

When participating for the first time, we are required to use a telephone number and also set personal identification information in order to find a more suitable partner.

There are several unique features in this tantan application. One of the things that most of the users want is VIP.


Having a VIP account with Tantan is certainly the desire of almost all users of this Tantan application, as a VIP Tantan can certainly be free of charge without any obstacles or restrictions.

To become a VIP in Tantan, of course, you have to buy the VIP at the price stated in the registration. So it is not free to become a VIP in Tantan, but you have to buy it with a predetermined denomination and get listed there.

Available for 1 month VIP price for IDR 30,000, 3 months for 67,000, 1 year for 209,000 and several other prices. Users who want to buy can buy it using the payment methods available.

To buy it, you can follow the steps below.

Please open your Tantan application first and then select the three-line menu in the top left. Then select the option privilege.

How to buy VIP Tantan with Telkomsel XL Axis Indosat 3 Credit Card Credit Card

After entering the new page, select Get VIP membership. Then select the nominal VIP price you want to buy, then press Get VIP.

how to buy tantan vip on ios iphone android without being illegal vip tantan

Then press afterwards continue, then you can choose which payment method you want to use to pay for the VIP purchase. VIP payments can be made there using a Google Play voucher code, operator credit or a debit / credit card.

How to get free vip tantan / how to get free vip tantan

In addition, payments can also be made via Indomaret or Alfamart if you want to pay in cash.


There is also a way to get VIP Tantan for free which is the strongest and fastest. You can get it indefinitely. This method has been proven by many users of the Tantan application and has proven effective. For more details just read HERE.

That is the discussion about the application of tantan. Using Tantan is a lot of fun indeed as we can only meet and have a lot of friends through an application.

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