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How to Play Traffic Rider

How to Play Traffic Rider – As we discussed earlier, this is a viral motorcycle game on tiktok. It is not known what is the cause, even though this game has been released for a long time. A simulation game driving a motorbike on the highway. For those of you who want to join in playing traffic rider, let’s see the full explanation below.

In the midst of hectic battle royale or Moba type games, simulation games also seem to be the most popular type of game. For example, there is an Ice Truck Simulator for a truck simulation, a Bussid bus simulation, an airplane simulation with a Real Flight Simulator, while a motorcycle simulation has a Traffic Rider. The excitement offered is, a driving experience that is made as close as possible to the real world.

How to Play Traffic Rider
How to Play Traffic Rider

Just like in this traffic rider game, you can choose various types of motorbikes such as trail, moge, matic, sport and so on. There are dozens of types of motorbikes that you can choose according to taste. Interestingly, each type of motor has its own characteristics. For example, if you choose a motorcycle, it will have a higher level of stability than the trail type.

Download Traffic Rider Apk

This game is suitable for those of you who like speeding. Because the faster the motorbike you ride and can pass obstacles smoothly, the higher the score you will get. Moreover, it is supported by qualified graphics, so it looks like real. Such as clutch movement in hand, speedometer indicator, rpm which moves according to speed and others. Interestingly the file size is only about 89 Mb. Small enough for the size of an android game with good graphics.

You can get Traffic Rider for free on both Android and iOS devices. Please go to play store or the app store. But if you want to download the traffic rider mod apk, you just won’t get it there. You can get the mod version on apk mod provider sites like or By getting the mod version, you can get the unlimited money feature so you can buy unlimited items.

How to Play Traffic Rider on Android

Traffic rider invites us to speed on the streets and overtake various vehicles that we meet. In this game, you can choose at least 20 motorcycle models ranging from automatic, motorcycle, trail and so on. Each motorcycle can also be upgraded from power handling, breaking, motor color, streaping and so on.

The gameplay itself is quite simple, you only need to carry out various missions in career mode. In addition to the career mode, there is also a time trial mode, endless (speeding without limits), and also free ride (free driving).

tiktok viral motorbike game
tiktok viral motorbike game

When you play for the first time, you will be given money to buy a motorbike. But here you can only buy an automatic motorbike that is the cheapest. Furthermore, there are various missions that you can complete to collect coins/money. For example the mission of overtaking 30 cars, driving a motorbike at a certain speed and a predetermined time, and so on.

During the trip you will meet several things. If you are not good at playing the gas and brakes, then there is a possibility of having an accident. If you find a vehicle that fills the road, please use the horn to get the car out of the way. There are also jumping/standing attractions that can add points.

Oh yes, before playing, you can also make a number of settings in the traffic rider settings menu. Among them are setting the graphics (low, medium or high), there are also control settings such as steering (tilt, button, hand leader), trootle (manual/auto), sensitivity, detach brakes (on/off) etc. There is also a reset to default feature to return to the original settings.

The final word

That was the explanation about how to play traffic rider. Overall this game is worth trying. It offers high-quality graphics with a fairly small file size. Likewise with the experience of driving with various types of motorcycles.

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