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This is the motorbike game that went viral on Tiktok

Viral Motorcycle Games on Tiktok – It seems that everyone agrees that tiktok has become a popular application today. Carrying a short video platform, the application made by Bytedance has become a favorite application for Indonesian citizens. There are so many types of videos that are busy on tiktok, such as dance videos, knowledge and even game content. In addition to popular games such as mobile legends, pubg, free fire, recently there has been a lot of virality about motorbike games.

The expansion of tiktok in the gaming field does not seem to be mere euphoria. But that will really happen, after Bytedance acquires Moonton, the company that develops the Mobile Legends game. This time we will not discuss this further, but want to review about the motorbike game that is currently viral on tiktok.

The Viral Motorcycle Game On Tiktok
The Viral Motorcycle Game On Tiktok

So far, viral content on tiktok has exploded quickly. Like this one motorcycle game. In a video, a motorbike is seen being uploaded and crossing a street full of other vehicles. At first glance it looks like a simulator game like Bussid or ESTS. So what is the actual name of the game?

Viral Motorcycle Game Name On Tiktok

After we searched, it turned out that the name of the game was Traffic Rider. This game is viral and has often graced the tiktok homepage in the last week. Actually this game is not something new, but has been around for several years. It is not known for certain why it has gone viral lately.

tiktok traffic rider
tiktok traffic rider

Traffic Rider is a simulation motorbike game. You will be invited to cross the streets in the middle of the crowd, overtaking every other vehicle. There are several modes to choose from, such as career, endless, time trial and free ride.

The main game is a career mode where you can complete several missions there. What is quite interesting is the graphics and the feeling of riding a motorbike, made as close as possible to the original. For example, when you choose a motorbike, it will feel stable compared to riding the trail type.

How to Play Traffic Rider

Traffic Rider has a control system commonly used in auto games. So if you play games like asphalt 8, you certainly won’t be surprised to control the motor in this game. The way to play is to find as many scores as possible, while avoiding passing vehicles on the streets.

best motorbike racing game viral
best motorbike racing game viral

There are dozens of missions that you can complete. In collecting scores, there are many ways that you can do. Such as the attraction of standing eyebrows, lifting the front wheels, driving more than 100 kwh and so on.

Before taking to the streets, you can also choose various types of motorbikes. Among them there are types of motorbikes, trails and even automatics. Then for the track, there are also several choices based on environmental conditions such as desert, highway, city or winter.

The final word

That was the name of the motorbike game that went viral on tiktok. How are you interested in playing this one motorbike simulation game? just download and install the game from the play store. You can play this game for free.

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