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How to Overcome Lag when Playing Mobile Legends

You must have experienced lag when playing mobile legends, or even worse disconnect during the match. Even if you don’t, surely in one of the matches your friends are AFK. These disturbances can make you lose stars in vain. Network disruption like this is really annoying, because it will be very detrimental not only for us personally, but for our entire team will also be harmed.

Therefore, we will provide tips on how to overcome lag when playing Mobile Legends, or how to strengthen and stabilize cellphone signals for mobile legends and other online games. In order not to lag while playing.
Okay, let’s go ahead, we will discuss one by one how to overcome lag when playing mobile legends.
1. Delete applications in the background / Background.
Without us knowing it sometimes when we finish using an application we often forget to delete it, and it continues to run as a background application. And if you don’t delete the application, then the application in the background will use internet data. As a result, when we want to play mobile legends, the signal will be unstable because the internet data is divided. Therefore, it is imperative that we delete background applications before we focus on playing mobile legends.
2. Turn off the power saving / battery saving feature
Usually on Android phones there is a power saving feature, this feature is useful for saving battery usage on your cellphone. This feature will be very useful especially if you are traveling far so that your Android cellphone battery can save. But in difficult circumstances to get a signal, you should turn off this feature. Because if you don’t turn off this feature, it will limit internet use. Therefore, it is recommended that this feature be turned off when you want to play mobile legends or other online games, so that the internet signal on your cellphone can be even faster and stable.
3. Choose the most stable network
Maybe some friends of the readers have several choices when they want to connect to the internet. Such as quota from the operator or also wifi. But wifi is also not always stable, sometimes even though the network is strong but unstable, the term is the network goes up and down. Therefore, you can choose the most stable network.
Or sometimes for example we are playing in the room, and sometimes the signal is unstable, so try to go out or find a place with the most stable signal.
4. Activate the SPEED MODE feature
The speed mode feature in Mobile legends will make the signal on your cellphone stronger and also stable. However, there is a weakness for this speed mode feature, it will make internet quota very wasteful. Apart from the benefits of this speed mode feature, it turns out that there is also a negative side that is quite risky.
5. Using a signal booster app
There are so many signal booster applications on the Playstore, ranging from free to paid ones. In our opinion, even free applications are good enough to overcome lag in mobile legends. You just select and install the one that you think is good and fits on your cellphone. This signal booster application is very important, because if the cellphone signal is unstable, we can strengthen it with this application. So, if we use this application it will help strengthen our cellphone signal.
Now that’s the discussion, HOW TO OVERCOME LAG WHEN PLAYING MOBILE LEGEND. (STRENGTHENING HP SIGNAL). Hopefully useful, if you have another way please write it in the comments column. Thank you and see you in our next article.

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