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Top 8 Best Mage Heroes in ML Season 22

A hero mage is a hero who must use a combination of skills in launching attacks as a dealer of damage. This hero role is indispensable when the team fight takes place, the mage usually has high brust damage and excellent crowd control skills. His contribution is needed to damage and ruffle enemy formations, with the magic skills and CC effects it provides. They can also be a good support hero or damage dealer for the team. That’s why hero mages will be needed for the team to win the game.

Here we will recommend the 8 Best Mage Heroes in Season 16 that you can use in rank or classic mode.
The buff and revamp skill given by Moonton to Chan’e, made him one of the hero mages that can be reckoned with in the game. Now Chang’e is one of the mage heroes who has deadly brust damage skills. With a long skill range, he can do damage to enemies at a safe distance. Chang’e’s ultimate skill is the ultimate skill, which makes the enemy fall apart in front of him. Because in addition to having a long distance, the damage per second of this skill is also very high. Chang’e has a very complex skill set including slow effects, brust damage and shields that are needed by every hero. What you have to do when using this hero is spam skills and find a good position.
This hero, which was released in mid-2021, cannot be underestimated, Lylia is one of the mage heroes who is quite popular among mobile legends players, especially mage users. Lylia has an effective skill set to repay the enemy’s HP with high damage damage. He also has a relatively fast cooldown skill, so Lylia can spam skills and do damage to enemies, or you can use it to push turrets. Lylia is one of the mages who can quickly clear buffs, minions or juggle monsters at the beginning of the match, and has a high survival rate or survival ratio. Because the ultimate skill can restore HP status and position to the previous 4 seconds.
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Lunox is a hero mage who is still the mainstay of mobile legends players, from the beginning of its release to nerf several times. This hero is often an objective at the top tier. This hero mage has a unique and complete skill set consisting of two modes, namely light and dark mode, which allows Lunox to have the option of surviving and escaping from enemies with his light mode, and high and continuous burst damage with his dark mode.
Lunox is a mage hero who is not easily countered by enemy heroes, thanks to the combination of great damge skills and unique abilities, Lunox can become a mage hero who is difficult to predict his movements. Lunox users need to use strategy when using their two skill modes according to the situation and conditions in the game.
Since being revamped the skill and given a buff, Valir has been showing his potential more recently. He has a skill with a large area, as well as high damage. So it is very suitable to be in the crowd when the team fights. Valir can act as a carry or support mage hero in the team. Because the skills have annoying crowd control effects, such as knock back effects and stund effects. Valir is very effective in combination with various kinds of heroes who have skill areas such as Johnson, Tigreal and others.
As long as you can find a good position, Valir will be very deadly as well as troublesome and will be very difficult to approach. Therefore, now Valir has become one of the most widely used hero mages in season 16 at this time.
Esmeralda is one of the hero mages in mobile legends with very good resistance. The skill he has is quite unique, because it allows him to absorb or absorb a lot of enemy HP. So that it is difficult for the enemy to kill this one mage hero.
All of Esmeralda’s abilities produce magic damage as well as physical damage. So it will be difficult to anticipate and confuse enemy tanks, to make physical or magical builds.
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Harith is one of the most popular mage heroes in mobile legends. This hero has a form like a cat man. How to play Harith is quite interesting, this hero can spam skills repeatedly, because the cooldown of his skills can be accelerated under certain conditions.
The main uniqueness of Harith is the hero mage who has high mobility and the ability to reduce the cooldown of skills that have a corwd control effect from enemy heroes thanks to his passive skills. So that Harith can still move swiftly even though he is often the target of enemy crowd control heroes. Harith also has a fairly high resistance with a shield from the 2nd skill and also the effect of his passive skill. So that Harith becomes a hero mage that is difficult to knock out.
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The revamp given is in the form of passive skill changes that can turn himself into a bird in this mode. Pharsa gets additional movement speed so it will be quite difficult to chase. In the last update Pharsa got an additional 1 new skill, which can give a signal to the enemy and is accompanied by a stun effect. With this it becomes easier to run, as well as trap enemies from within the bushes. With the revamp on this hero, now Pharsa has transformed into a hero that is difficult for the enemy.
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Cecilion is a fairly new hero mage in Mobile Legends, according to the story he is Armilla’s lover. This hero has quite different characteristics from other mage heroes, because the damage will really hurt during the late game, thanks to his passive which can stack stacks like Adous. The difference is that Cecilion’s stack is easier to get, because it only needs to hit the enemy using a skill without having to kill him.
The other skill is a source of damage from Cecilion, this skill has a short cooldown, so Cecilion can freely spam skills. The range of this skill is quite far, so you can repay the enemy. Then the second skill that can pinch the enemy in a certain area, and stop its movement makes this skill a powerful companion skill for Cecilion.
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Those are some recommendations for mage heroes that we summarized in the Top 8 Best Mage Heroes in Season 16. If you have other opinions about overpowered mage heroes, please write your opinion in the comments column. Thank you for reading and see you in our next articles.

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