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How to Overcome LAG on GTA SA Android 1GB RAM Only (100% working)

Overcoming LAG on GTA SA Android 1GB RAM Only
Overcoming LAG on GTA SA Android 1GB RAM Only. (due to mod)

There are some phones that keep experiencing LAG while playing GTA SA Android game. In fact, the phone already has enough RAM of 1GB which is a minimum requirement of GTA SA game the.

Worse yet, there are even phones with 2GB of RAM, but this GTA SA game is still LAG. One of them is the Xiaomi Redmi 2 Prime and Redmi 4A. Both of these phones have 2GB of RAM, but they are not suitable for playing GTA SA.

But wait, this time I will not discuss the two Xiaomi phones. However, it will refer more to the discussion “how do you make GTA SA Android not lag?“When playing?

Well for that reason, I created this article to provide answers to these questions.

Overcoming LAG on GTA SA Android

You can actually do this method on many types of phones that have 1GB of RAM. Can be from brands Samsung, Nokia, Advan, Xiaomi, Asus, and others. (essentially the same)

Well, while the tips for overcoming the LAG GTA SA android are like this.

1. Graphics Settings: High Performance

The first and the earliest most gamers probably already know, namely setting the graphics settings to be in high performance mode. This aims to command the game to provide lower visuals, so that the task of the hardware is not too heavy.

The method is quite easy, just log in to OPTIONS, then select DISPLAY, set the graphic settings like the screenshot below.

Setting Low on GTA SA Android Display
Setting Low on GTA SA Android Display

  • Brightness : 50% (adjust)
  • Visual Effects : LOW
  • Resolution : 50 – 100% (adjust)
  • Draw Distance : 50 – 100% (adjust)
  • Shadow : OFF
  • Car Reflections : OFF
  • Subtitles : ON

After that go directly to the next setting, namely OPTIONS then select GAME. Change the settings to be as below.

OPTIONS then select GAME
OPTIONS then select GAME

  • Traffic Mode : LIGHT
  • Targeting Mode : LOCK ON
  • Vehicle Camera Light : LOW
  • Vibration Feedback : OFF
  • Frame Limiter : OFF

The point is, just adjust it to the specifications of your cellphone.

2. Use GL-Tools (If necessary)

Using GL-Tools for GTA SA
Using GL-Tools for GTA SA

I actually don’t recommend this application for those of you who are very concerned with graphic quality. Because, if you use this application, the appearance of the game will be very ugly and even too ugly for a GTA SA class.

In addition, if the preset you do is not appropriate, it will actually make the GTA SA game a force close error. (if the setting does not fit or match)

So, use this GL Tools wisely by learning properly how to use and the risks of this GL-Tools application. (must be root)

How to use GL-Tools how? Please just search on Google with the keyword “How to Use GL-Tools GTA SA”, then a blog will appear that discusses it in detail there. (too long to write here)

3. Reduce unnecessary applications (FB, BBM, WA, etc.)

The third step is to reduce some unnecessary applications that are active in the background. Because, there must be applications that are “active” by default and consume RAM memory resources on your Android phone.

Close the process, if necessary delete / uninstall it all.

4. There are no other additions…

So far there is nothing else I can add in an effort to overcome the LAG on GTA SA Android 1GB RAM. I might add it in the future. (if any)


The most important points are actually in numbers 1 and 3. Just do that, then the game will run optimally according to the capabilities of the cellphone.

You can try GL-Tools, if you already know the advantages and disadvantages after using them.


Remember, the points I wrote above are my own personal opinion. So it’s only natural if there are things that don’t match / agree with those of you who are reading this article.

As for those of you who accidentally get lost on this blog, it’s better NOT to go out right away. Better have a look list of contents from a collection of articles that I have written this simple blog.

Maybe, you will find other related articles.

That’s all the advice…


That’s the article about How to Overcome LAG on GTA SA Android 1GB RAM Only (100% working). Hopefully the information that I have written through the article above can be useful for those of you who read it.

Sorry if there is a wrong word,

See you at another time.

thank you

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