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How to overcome delayed downloads on the Google Play Store

How to Solve Delayed Download on Google Play Store

How to Solve Delayed Download on Google Play Store – The Google Play Store is one of the places to download the most popular official applications and games on Android. The Google Play Store can be an option for you to download applications or games for free and safely.

When downloading from the Google Play Store, there is no need to hesitate as any application or game available is pretty much safe. Downloading it from the Play Store is also quite easy and instant as we just need to find the application we want, then hit Install and the download process will begin immediately.

But behind the ease of downloading there are also obstacles or problems, one of which is pending download which usually happens and can sometimes be found in the Google Play Store.

There are several causes that can cause delayed downloads on the Google Play Store, such as: For example, an unstable internet network connection, the Google Play Store application not updated to the latest version, or the internal storage may be full.

This is the cause that can affect your Google Play Store until the download is delayed.

Hence, you need to fix it or fix it so it doesn’t happen again pending download. You can follow some of the tips below to: Overcome the delayed download on the Google Play Store Her.

Here are tips for overcoming delayed downloads on the Google Play Store

1. Change the Internet connection network

One of the main problems with delayed downloads on the Google Play Store can be caused by our unstable internet network connection.

For example, an internet connection that is constantly changing is sometimes very fluid, but suddenly becomes very slow and does the same thing over and over again.

Hence, a stable signal is required to prevent delayed downloads from reoccurring.

If you feel that your internet connection is unstable or is constantly changing, there is a chance you can try changing your internet connection network to a better one.

For example the 4G network, which we consider stable and very smooth, but actually not all areas of the 4G network are evenly distributed and stable. So if you have a problem where your smartphone network is already 4G but you are still having issues with pending downloads, you can try your network on. to change 3G or H +.

Usually network H + It’s smoother and more stable than 4G. Hence, you can try switching your internet network to H + who knows this is more stable than 4G.

To change it, go to settings, then choose Cellular network, then choose Network mode and you can choose 3G or H + network.

2. Clear the Google Play Store cache

Opening and downloading applications or games in the Google Play Store too often means that the cache or the so-called temporary file storage is full and of course can affect the performance of smartphones and Google Play stores.

Hence, you can try deleting it who knows this can help so that delayed downloads can be fixed immediately.

Clear Google Play cache

Removal is also very simple and straightforward. You just have to enter Settings or settings and choose App or apps, then find and select the Google Play Store app, then press clear cache or clear the cache.

But to be sure, you can also try wiping data or wiping data that is also included in the clearing cache section.

3. Restart HP

If you’re still experiencing delayed downloads on the Google Play Store, try restarting or reloading your phone.

Who knows, this can help you get through your delayed downloads and get your application or game downloading smoothly again.

Reboot here, all you have to do is turn off the phone and turn it on again. But make no mistake, a restart here resets our cell phones to their original conditions, not to the factory data.

You can try it out so that your already loaded cell phone can be restored to its original state and your Google Play Store can run as usual.

4. Change settings Do not use WLAN

Incorrect settings are one of the reasons why downloads can be delayed.

In fact, the Google Play Store itself has set by default that we will be asked to install applications or games over WiFi if the application or game has a large capacity.

And the result is that it appears written when we are not connected to the wifi pending download which we can only download if there is a WiFi connection.

In fact, this method is very easy to overcome as the Play Store itself has provided options for us.

The solution is also very simple, namely before downloading any large application or game, make sure you have the option ‘Download only via WiFi‘. This way, you will no longer see any pending downloads.

How to solve delayed download

But this method uses up quite a lot of our data quota as we have to give up our data quota to download applications or games with a large size.


Here are a few tips How to Solve Delayed Download on Google Play Store which you can easily try out. You can try them one by one if needed to solve this problem. Hope it’s useful.

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