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Here's how to limit hotspot users on Android phones with ease

How to Limit Hotspot Users on Android Phones – Smartphone devices are increasingly becoming a very community-oriented item. Initially, a smartphone may be a tertiary need, but over time, a smartphone has become a secondary need that is difficult to separate in people’s lives today.

Until now, smartphone production continues to develop. Whether Android or iOS smartphone, there must always be developments in order to produce the latest smartphones.

Ever more advanced developments also offer ever more sophisticated functions. A feature that is also used very often by smartphone users is the WLAN hotspot function.

How to limit hotspot users to HP Oppo A37, A71, F5, A57, F7, F9 2021

With this hotspot function, we can share our data contingent for the smartphone internet connection with other devices. Whether laptops, iPads, computers and other smartphones, they can be safely connected to our hotspot.

If this hotspot function is activated, our data quota network can be freely used by connected devices. So first make sure that your WiFi hotspot is locked so that not everyone can connect. If it is not locked it will have a negative impact as we will allow all devices to be connected without our permission.

Besides, you can too Limit hotspot users Your WiFi with the aim that only certain people you choose can access it. By limiting the number of hotspot users on our cell phones, this saves our data quota even more and is certainly much safer from the actions of naughty hands.

The feature to restrict hotspot users is actually already available on your Android smartphone. You can restrict hotspot users on your mobile phone like Oppo A37, Oppo F5, Oppo F7, Oppo 57, Oppo 71, Vivo Y71, Xiaomi, Asus, Huawei and other mobile phones.

In fact, it is very easy to restrict hotspot users as we only have to set this in the settings of our smartphone. However, it seems that not infrequently there are many of you who are still confused and struggling with such things.

In order to stop confusing the hotspot user limitation issue, you can see simple steps to limit hotspot android users for Oppo, Vivo, Asus, etc. below.

How to limit Android HP hotspot users

1. Please enter settings or the settings on your phone.

2. Then several function options appear, choose personal hotspot.

How to limit hotspots HP Oppo A37 F5 F9 F7 A71 A57 users

3. After that, you can already set it by selecting Number of allowed connections. Depending on the smartphone, there is usually a limit to how many devices are allowed.

How to limit hotspot users to HP oppo vivo

4th Then choose how many devices you can connect to your hotspot.

How to limit hotspot users to android oppo, samsung, asus, iphone, xiaomi

After this is done. You can also restrict the use of hotspot quota data for each user by. choose Data limit per use. This way, your data quota will be saved a lot more as you can control how much data quota you allow for devices connected to your hotspot. So easy, isn’t it?

The last word

These are simple tips How to limit hotspot users Android phone that you can try right away. Hopefully this will be useful to you and can provide more insight and don’t forget to share it with other friends.

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