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How to Make Potion Arrows in Minecraft PE

Arrows are items that are used as ammunition from bows, crossbows, and dispensers. These items are usually in addition to being crafted, they can also be obtained from chest loot, trade with villagers, barter with piglins, or defeat mobs using bows or crossbows.

Arrow of Poison
Arrow of Poison

Well, until now there are at least several types of arrows that you can use in playing the Minecraft game. One of them is a tipped arrow or a potion (tipped arrow), which if fired at a mobs or a player will make the mobs or the player affected by the potion that has been added. on the arrow.

For example, the arrow of poison effect will cause mobs or players to be poisoned for the duration according to what you add to the arrow.

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For those of you who want to make this type of arrow. You can do it in two ways, namely:

1. Added 8 arrows arranged around the lingering potion on the crafting table

As for arrow you can make it yourself by placing flint, stick, and feather on the crafting table perpendicularly Lingering Potion (settling potion), is a potion made by adding dragon breath to the splash potion in the brewing stand.

More details about the types and ingredients for making potions you can read in the post on how to make various kinds of potions in Minecraft PE.

2. Make use of couldron filled with potions.

By using the potion-filled cloud. Then dip the arrow (hold the arrow and tap the potion-filled cloud), you can make a potion arrow according to the potion you added to the potion.

This second method is arguably better for getting lots of potion arrows quickly than making them on the crafting table.

Because by using the cloud, you don’t have to use a lingering potion that requires dragon breath to make it and a fully filled cauldron (3 potions bottles) with potions can be used to make 64 potion arrows at once.