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How to Get Rich Quickly in Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley

Having a lot of money does not guarantee happiness, but money is important to meet needs.Talking about money, in the real world that is endless, in the game world it’s not much different, we need money.

For example in the game Harvest Moon [HoLV] which gamelmit will discuss this time. Money or what is often called Gold in Harvest Moon [HoLV] is an important part of the game because without enough gold we cannot buy or meet the needs needed for the survival of the game.

At the beginning of the game we are only provided with 120 G and 4 Potato seeds. Then, how with these provisions can be a lot? Calm down, because in Harvest Moon [HoLV] there are many ways that can be done to get gold, such as doing part time or fishing, mining, raising livestock and so on.

But of the many ways, there is the fastest way to add gold or make us rich quick. What are they? Here’s a quick way to add gold or riches in Harvest Moon [HoLV].

How to Get Rich Quickly in Harvest Moon [HoLV]

1. Complete delivery requests.
The first way to quickly add gold is that you can rely on completing delevery requests. The gold that will be obtained after completing delevery requests is very good compared to selling individual items or directly.

To complete delevery requests, we can go to Louis’s shop and Cafe.

2. Breeding and cooking.
These two activities are activities that have a relationship to quickly add gold because the livestock we get can be processed first to increase the selling price.

In raising there are 2 types of animals that can be raised in Harvest Moon [HoLV] namely chickens and cows. However, cows will be more profitable than chickens because cows produce milk which has a high price when sold.

So, if you use this method to quickly add gold, raise cows. We can buy cows first at Bob for 2500 G, then they can be bred using Cow Miracle Potion.

After that, take care of the cow every day by feeding it, brushing it and talking to it to increase our FP with the cow. The higher the FP, the more milk will be produced.

S, M, L and G are the amount of milk produced. Now, L and G are the final grade milk which if sold has a high price of 400 and 500 G. Not to mention if you cook it into 500 G Cheese and 600 G Fine Cheese.

In this way at least we can add 2500 G every day if we have 5 cows that already produce L and G milk.

3. Exchange horse racing medals for high priced items.
Lastly, there is a very instant way to quickly add gold. We don’t have to wait long and bother looking here and there looking for items to sell because the last way is to exchange the medals we won or bought during horse racing events with items that can be resold at high prices. can make our gold increase a lot.

For example, we exchange medals with Fine Cheese which was mentioned earlier in the second method, namely the selling price is 600 G.

Ok, that’s how How to Get Rich Quickly in Harvest Moon [HoLV] I hope this helps.

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