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How to get Primogem in Genshin Impact

Primogems is one of the currencies in Genshin Impact Besides Mora (gold coins). The use of Primogems is also quite vital in the game because you can exchange them for Intertwined Fate and Acquaint Fate. These two items become your resources to recruit high-end characters or weapons by means of gacha.

Actually, getting Primogems not difficult but the resources are still limited. So use Primogems You have to be careful so you don’t run out. For that, in this tips article, we will give you a way to farm and use it Primogems appropriately.


To get Primogems in Genshin Impact You can do several activities as below:

Login Bonus

Primogems can be obtained through the login bonus. So when you first enter the game, Paimon will give Primogems everyday. Even though the method is slow, at least every day you can still get Primogems.

Completing Missions or Quests

The next way to get Primogems of course by completing the mission or quest that you take. Starting from Story Quest, Archon Quest, World Quest until Daily Quest. So make sure all the missions you take are completed immediately. What’s more not to miss Daily Quest which you must complete every day.

Open the Treasure Chest and Activate the Waypoint Portal

Activate portal Waypoint and opening treasure chests gives you the option to travel faster and get treasures. Besides that, you can also get Primogems! So make sure to prioritize these two tasks for their many benefits.

Open Game Tips

When you find a feature that you meet for the first time in the game, the system will explain it through Game Tips. This feature appears via a rectangular UI that appears on the screen. You just press G on the keyboard (PC). In addition to getting information about the monster, you will also get prizes in the form of Primogems.

Subscribe to Monthly Card

For those who don’t hesitate to spend real money (Rupiah), you can buy Monthly Card which name is Blessing of the Welkin Moon. When you buy this, you will get 300 Genesis Crystals and 90 Primogem every day. You can buy this monthly card IDR 75,000.

Tips for Using Primogems

As previously mentioned, the use of Primogems should be arranged as wisely as possible. Especially for those of you who are new players Genshin Impact.

Use for Gacha

To get a character or weapon in Genshin Impact, you can indeed get it via gacha. Swap Primogems you with Intertwined Fate or Acquaint Fate. 1 Intertwined Fate or Acquaint Fate requires 160 Primogem. So if you need a new character, you can exchange Primogems with Intertwined Fate or Acquaint Fate.

But as a tip, don’t be too pushy for gacha, especially if you’re an F2P player who doesn’t like spending real money on games. When that’s enough, save your Primogems for another rate up character if you want another character.

Resin Refill

You can refill Origal Resin by using Primogems. The maximum amount that can be done is six times a day. The cost also increases for each refill count so think before doing this.

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Those are a few farming tips or getting and using Primogems which might be of some use.

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