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How to get free Pokecoins in Pokemon GO game

How to get free Pokecoins – In every game, including the recently released Pokemon Go game, there are certain very important items that run out quickly and are hard to come by and pay for in the end.

How to get free Pokecoins in the Pokemon GO game is safe and official

In the Pokemon Go game this item is called Pokecoins, in other games it might just be a coin or coin. Keep watching this article until it runs out as the author will find several ways to get free Pokecoins on Pokemon quickly
Go what’s safe and won’t harm your Pokemon Go account.
When registering, we do not receive the slightest Pokecoin, also known as our Pokecoin is empty, so if items like Pokeballs When we catch Pokémon we go out, we need to have a lot of poke coins to buy it. Though in the game pokemon go, Poke coin is not free. We have to spend a lot of money to get a lot of these poke coins Poké Shop.

Pokecoins are not only there to get Pokeballs, but also to get other items that are also very important to increase our Pokémon Go account level, such as items Bait Module, Egg Incubator, Bug Upgrade, Pokemon Storage Upgrade. For this we need a lot of Pokecoins to get important items in the Pokemon Go game

Now Pokemon Go has officially been released on Playstore Indonesia. Although this game is relatively new, many people young and old are playing it because this Pokemon Go game is very unique, even many Pokemon Go players are willing to spend a lot of money to get this Pokemon coin.

For this, the author is going to share how to get Poke Coin Pokemon Go for free and safely, as this method is official and will not put your Pokemon account at risk

The first way is the easiest way to get free pokecoins, the second way is also free, but complicated and a bit long. Listen and practice right away. Don’t be left behind if you want lots of free Pokecoins.

How to get free Pokecoins on Android and IOS continuously

This trick to get free PokeCoins can be used by all Pokemon Go players because it doesn’t matter what level you want, you can practice this method. Listen carefully, practice and don’t leave any steps behind

We need an application that will help us get free Playstore credit that can be bought with Pokekoin.

Correct registration phase:

  1. First download and install the supporting application directly from the Playstore for Android called “Whaff Reward” and for IOS search for it in the AppStore
    free pokecoins app
  2. While waiting for the download, prepare the stationery Bonus code which includes these bonuses: AF42795 because the possibility to enter this bonus code only once when registering.
  3. Once installed / installed on Android, run the whaff reward application
  4. Create a new whaff account by clicking on “Login / Login” in the top right corner.
  5. When the input field appears, code, enter The code for the invitation bonus that you wrote down earlier is: AF42795, with this premium code you will receive a hefty bonus worth $ 0.300, which will be exchanged for Pokecoins in Pokemon Go. Don’t forget to also enter the captcha security code until it’s correct, if it’s wrong try again.
    kd poce coin free
  6. If asked to verify cell phone number security, please do so as this method is the official and safe way to go
  7. The registration phase is complete

Steps to Increase Your Balance

got to This is done to increase your balance so that you can get lots of free Pokecoins

  1. Open Premium Pick, there is a large list of applications and games such as: Tokopedia ‘ and other. Our job is just to install and try the application and do the per-application tasks on the list to get a pretty large credit reward that can later be exchanged for Pokecoins. Every application varies. got to Install and test all of the apps on Premium Pick, we’ll be rewarded with $ 0.1 to $ 1 credit per app and will continue to double if we do the job carefully. Proceed as in the picture below
    easy task to get pokecoins
  2. Just hit the install button, you will be redirected to the playstore, just install it.
  3. After installing it, try the application for a few minutes until you get a notification saying you will receive the reward.
  4. Do this when you have time, the more diligent you are, the more credits you will accumulate
  5. Tips: First choose an application or game that has an easy task, for example Facebook, the task is just to install and see the latest posts from friends. If the game needs to reach level 5 or level 6 first, you can get a dollar compensation reward
  6. Don’t forget to check out the Waff Pick and Attendance menu as well as it will add to your balance as well.
  7. Also install Whaff Locker through the playstore, this application will also increase your balance, the results will be combined with Whaff Rewards and the job is just to open the lock screen to get dollar rewards.
  8. Go to the invite menu and share it on social media, there is already an option

Redemption phase for free Playstore credit

  1. After you’ve raised at least $ 10.5, you can exchange the Waff credit for Playstore credit, which can later be exchanged for Pokekoins. Open the withdrawal / payment menu
    Be 20 digits
  2. Select Google Play Gift Card> then request it. Wait until you receive a 20-digit Google Play gift card code.
  3. For convenience, write down the 20 codes on paper.
  4. Open the Playstore in the Reedem menu, enter the 20-digit code that you wrote down beforehand and your Playstore credit will be increased automatically.
    Be 10 dollars

Free PokeCoins purchase phase

You can buy free poke coins from the free Playstore credit previously received from the Waff

  1. Open the Pokémon Go game and select the “Shop” menu
    How to buy free pokecoins pokemon go
  2. Choose Pokecoin according to your Playstore balance when choosing $ 1200 poke coins.
  3. You will be redirected to the Playstore, just keep choosing as this will automatically reduce the Playstore credit.
  4. Or simply select whaff’s Pokecoins in the payout menu.
    free way to buy Pokecoins
  5. Done, make it easy to get Pokémon Go Coins. This method can be performed at any time. So you can continuously receive lots of free Pokecoins.
  6. now it’s easier because credits can be exchanged

You can also get free poke coins by capturing the gym from the opposing team and occupying it for 21 hours, and the conditions must be to meet the minimum level. the first way is better, right, to get the pokecoins? because this is not a cheat and it is safe for your Pokémon Trainer Club account. How to get free Pokémon-Pokemon-Go
Hope this article helps you get lots of free Pokecoins. Please share this article.

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