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Easy ways to create a PayPal account without a credit card (CC)

Easy ways to create a Paypal account without a credit card – PayPal is one of the most widely used virtual payment tools used by internet marketers and security is the safest. PayPal can be described as a virtual account that is used for payments between countries between internet users who have an account PayPal, unlike local bank accounts that only

can only be used in one country. Just by knowing the user’s email Paypal then you can transfer dollars to each other quickly and securely. To top up your PayPal balance for free and easily, you can only follow with your Android phone Tips for topping up your free PayPal balance

But for those who just know PayPal and want to create an account PayPal must be wondering how to register a PayPal account. Take it easy, brother, I’ll walk you through how to create an account, step by step PayPal, it’s not difficult, here are the steps.
UPDATE : The article How to Send Dollars to a Bank Account Without Verification is possible
How to create a PayPal account without a credit card

  1. open minded in the upper right corner look for Sign up

  2. On page Create your PayPal account Enter the country of residence and language used, select Indonesian (optional) and choose the type of PayPal account you want to use from the three types of PayPal accounts including Personal account for personal benefit, Premier account for the type of small scale business and Business account for large business types.

  3. For those just starting out, first choose a personal account as there are many premier and business accounts and then choose Getting started which are transferred to fill in the biodata form, such as the name, which must be the same as the local bank account, so that when transferring PayPal to local bank, email, phone number, etc.

  4. Then it will be redirected to the security page which only asks to enter the captcha code to make sure it is a robot or human and then choose Keep going.

  5. Don’t forget to confirm the message sent to your email by Paypal. You will also be asked to enter a credit card number or CC to verify your account, but if you don’t have one because the bank’s requirements are too complicated, you can buy a VCC or virtual credit card online, as in there are so many selling VCC there.

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