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How to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends and Free Hero Skins

How to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends and Free Hero Skins – Dota 2 is a very popular online PC game and now there is a game similar to Dota 2 for Android, which is Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. In this game the game is exactly the same as in Dota 2, we have to destroy the main tower / tower of the opponent with our team of 5. And the hard-to-get premium item is Diamond. In addition to diamonds, there are also Battle Points, Freagments and Tickets, all of these items can easily be obtained through constant play, except for diamonds. Even diamonds can be used to obtain these items.

How to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends Bang Bang and Free Hero Skins

With Diamonds we can do different things in legend bang bang mobile games, z and will Starlight Member

Who doesn’t want skin hero legends? There are many very interesting legend hero skins to play, such as Odette’s hero skins, Harley’s hero skins, Sun’s hero skins, Alucard’s hero skins, etc. This way, you will get the hero legend Argus skin for free.
Did you play cell phone legends, brother? Is it difficult to get the diamond? Is your diamond still zero? Below is the price list for diamonds in mobile legends when buying with money:

  • 5000 diamonds for Rp.1,499,000.00
  • 2500 diamonds for IDR 739,000.00
  • 1500 diamonds for IDR 439,000.00
  • 1000 diamonds for IDR 299,000.00
  • 500 diamonds for Rp. 149,000

Very expensive right? and with 599 diamonds in Mobile Legends Bang Bang games you can get only one legend hero skin or only one legend hero. You are lucky that you are visiting this blog because the administrator will give you a quick and official way to get free diamonds in Mobile Legends: Bang Bang. to obtain

We are going to get free Diamonds in Mobile Legends with a famous application to get credits and dollars with an Android and IOS phone called Whaff Reward. With legumes and money you can get quickly with Waff later, the results can be used to buy free diamonds in cell phone legends, even the rest can be used for pocket money. Pay close attention to the steps and write down what to follow.

How to Get Free Diamonds in Mobile Legends Bang Bang on Android and IOS

We get a Diamond Mobile Legend with an application, this method is the best and proven way. Don’t leave steps behind, write them down first Invitation bonus code : AF42795 on paper. And remember, this method can be done many times to get lots of free Diamond Mobile Legends

*** UPDATE: WHAFF application indicates fraud, 5 months unpaid. If i pay again later i will update. Those in doubt don’t practice. Thanks very much

First phase Correct registration phase

  • Download / install / install an application called Whaff Rewards directly from the Playstore. For IOS, look for it in the APPStore.
    Free Diamond Mobile Legends Bang Bang App
  • Open the whaff app, create a new account by clicking the “Login / Login with facebook” button
  • A code entry field will appear, enter the bonus invitation code that you wrote down on the paper, namely: AF42795 because with this code you will receive the first bonus worth $ 0.300, which will be exchanged for Diamond Mobile Legends. If you do not use it, it will expire and you will not receive the first credit and do not forget to fill in the captcha correctly and if it is incorrect, repeat it again.
    write it down first
  • When asked to verify your cell phone number, just double-check as this is the official way.
  • And the registration phase is over, we are going to the next phase

Phases of getting lots of dollar balances

  • Run whaff and open the premium selection menu. There are many lists of applications and games. We will get a lot of money if we try out all these applications and games between 0.1 and 1 dollars if we do not work hard for a long time. got to done to get many diamond cell phone legends
    Compulsory task
  • For example, installing the Tokopedia application and trying it out, the job is to register an account and see sales again.
  • Do not delete / uninstall the application you are trying because if you play it every day there is a daily bonus
  • Also install the Waff locker directly from the Waff menu on the far right and enter the code you noted down when prompted. We are also paid by simply opening the lock screen and the results are combined with the Waff reward
  • Select / enter the invite menu and share it on social media, there is already a choice

The redemption phase becomes Playstore Credit or Credit to exchange many Diamond Mobile Legends

  • After you’ve reached a minimum balance of $ 11, you can convert the dollar balance into Google Play credit or credit that can later be exchanged for Diamond Cell Phone Legends, even cash if you are hardworking and making a lot
  • Select the Google Play Gift Card menu if you want to use it as Playstore credit> then select Request / wait for a 20 digit code and make a note of the code
    Change Playstore credit
  • Enter the Playstore in the Reedem menu and enter the 20-digit code Tara, which can be used to buy diamonds on mobile legends, bang bang
  • Select Credit Request if it’s exchanged for $ 10 or more in credit and follow the instructions to enter a number without +62
    how to cash out
  • Usually it will arrive in 3 days, remember that Saturday and Sunday are public holidays. and buy Diamond Mobile Legends Bang Bang with credit from the Waff earlier, it’s easy, right.
  • Open the game’s mobile legends
    Buy free diamonds
  • Select Diamond and use the loan results and Playstore credit previously received from the Waff to buy diamonds. This method can be done many times until you get lots of diamonds
  • Now it is easier because there is the possibility to exchange credits

To add diamonds there is an additional official way of the legendary mobile game to get free diamonds

  1. Through live streaming – if you do live streaming, your followers can see your game live in real time
  2. Take part in tournaments – there are many tournaments where if you win a game you will get a lot of diamonds, but it seems that both of these paths are very difficult

This is an article on How to Get Lots of Free Diamond Mobile Legends Quickly
no cheats, no hacks. Share this article so your friends know. And immediately buy hero legends together with skin heroes and win every tournament event. If you’re lucky, you can enter the event with prizes running into billions and win.

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