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How to Get Fishing Rod & Fishing Pole in Harvest Moon Back to Nature

When you want to fish, the first thing you need is a fishing rod. But in Harvest Moon [BTN] In this case, to get a bait you can’t do it by buying, but getting it from someone, namely Greg.


He can be identified from the fishing rod he always carries and has the same residence as Zack in the house on the beach near Kai’s shop. No one knows for sure what’s in the house because he doesn’t allow anyone to enter.

Well, later there will be 2 fishing rods that you can get from Greg, namely fishing rods (small fishing rods) and fishing poles (big fishing rods).

How to get a fishing rod

Fishing rods are fishing rods that you get earlier and have a smaller size. To get a fishing rod all you have to do is just go to the beach on Friday, Saturday, or Sunday between 7 – 10 AM or PM by emptying one tool slot in the bag.

Later there or right at the end of the pier you will see Greg. Talk to him, then he will ask and there are 2 choices of answers “Want to try” or “Don’t want to try”. Choose the first “Want to try” and will got Greg to give you a fishing rod.

How to Get Fishing Poles

Using fishing poles will increase the chance of getting fish and getting legendary fish.

However, to get a fishing pole requires effort and time. Because you need to fish and place them in a pond for up to a total of 50 fish. But you can also use another method, namely by placing several fish in the pond and feeding them just one per day. – Over time the fish will increase by itself.

Then when there are 50 fish, Greg will come (except for the festival) to your pond. Talk to him and he will give you a fishing pole. Make sure you empty at least one tool slot in the bag.

Well, that’s how to get fishing rods and fishing poles in Harvest Moon BTN. For how to use them, just press and hold the box button and release when the hook is eaten, while for fishing spots you can do it in almost any place that has water.

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