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How to Cook in Harvest Moon Back to Nature

In order to be able to cook in Harvest Moon Back to Nature the first thing you have to do is have a kitchen and cooking utensils. The kitchen itself can be obtained by upgrading the house 1x (after chicken sometimes) in Gotz for 4700 G and 370 lumber.

Meanwhile, cooking utensils can be obtained after having a kitchen by buying them on TV Shopping. Watch TV Shopping shows (left on TV) until finished every Saturday.

Then go to the Inn and use the phone that was there for 10 G to order cooking utensils from the TV Shopping that you watched earlier.

After that, wait 3 days (Tuesday), then the cooking utensils you ordered will be delivered by Zack.

The following is the order of cooking utensils and items that can be purchased from TV Shopping:

1. Knife (3000 G)

2. Frying Pan (2500 G)

3. Pot (2000 G)

4. Mixer (2500 G)

5. Whisk (1000 G)

6. Rolling Pin (1500 G)

7. Oven (5000 G)

8. Seasonings Set (5000 G)

9. Power Berry (5000 G)

A little note if on Saturday there is a festival that automatically makes the Inn also closed then you can buy cooking utensils on the following Saturday. Likewise, on Tuesday there is a festival or event, meaning Zack will send the cooking utensils on Wednesday or Thursday. But for special events you can in and out of the house.

How to Cook in Harvest Moon Back to Nature

After having a kitchen and cooking utensils needed, now is the time for you to start cooking.

1. Standing in the kitchen, press x and select “Cook dish”.

2. Select “Try cooking something new”.

3. Select the cooking utensils and spices needed, then press start. For example, if you want to make a cake, you need a whisk, oven, and sugar.

4. Add the ingredients you need. The ingredients can be chosen from the refrigerator or bag. An example of making a cake the ingredients you need are flour, butter, and eggs. You can also add honey and fruit.

5. After that, press start and select “Try cooking with this” to start cooking. Wait a few moments and there will be a notification that your cooking is successful or not. automatic.

The saved recipe will later make it easier for you if you want to cook it again because you only have to choose “Follow a recipe”.

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