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How to easily chat with enemies in Mobile Legend

How to Chat with Enemies in Mobile Legend (ML) – Mobile Legends is one of the most popular gamesgenre MOBA, which is very popular from year to year until now. This game now has a lot of users in it.

Even today, the Mobile Legends game is one of the most popular games that has many downloads every day.

Some of the possible reasons many people are interested in this game is because the game is unique and slightly different from some of the games that are now becoming popular.

Playing in Mobile Legends games is very exciting indeed as we can play together with the closest people like friends, family, girlfriends and other relatives. Of course, if you want to play together, we have to invite that person to a party first room. We can invite a maximum of 5 people.

Playing in Mobile Legends game is very fun because we can play while chatting with friends and opponents.

But of course you have to focus more on the game than on more chat, because if you chat more often we can be sure that it will be more difficult to win the game as the focus on the game continues to decrease because we each other more focus on chatting.


How To Chat With Enemies On Mobile Legend / How To Chat With Enemies On ML / How To Chat With Mobile Legends

Usually, mobile legend game players chat when they have something to say. Guided chat is usually for friends and sometimes enemies or opponents.

So the question now is how to chat with the enemy when the game is on?

These things or questions are often asked by those who have not yet played with this mobile legend game.

Actually, the chat function with opponents has become a common thing, especially for those who have been playing the Mobile Legends game for a long time, they definitely know this function of course.

Of course, there are still Mobile Legends game players who are confused about this. So, if you don’t know how to chat with your opponent, here are some simple steps you can follow. How to chat with enemies in mobile legends.

1. Please open the game first Cell phone legends You then play a match, it’s up to you to play Leaderboards, Classics, Brawls, Custom or

2. When you are in a game, you can select the chat option on the right. If you don’t understand, you can see the picture below.

How to fix enemies on ml.  chats

3. A text then appears quick chat, Press the button team what is below. Please see the picture below for more details.

How to chat with your opponent on Mobile Legend

4. When you press the button team then it immediately changes to Everyone. So now you can chat with enemies.

How to chat with enemies in mobile legend game

Of course it’s easy, isn’t it?

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Well, that’s roughly how you change the chat on everyone so you can chat with opponents that you can try right away. Hopefully this can be of use to anyone who is struggling to chat with your opponent. Much luck.

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