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How to Quickly Check Samsung HP RAM in 1 Minute

How to check Samsung HP RAM – One of Smartphone what has been present in our country for some time is the Samsung smartphone. Samsung is an Android smartphone whose presence existed long before some Android smartphones gained popularity.

The reason Samsung phones used to be so popular is because: Touch screenIt’s easy to touch and very comfortable to use. However, the presence of smartphones that continue to be scattered in the market with different brands and new advanced features is certainly fierce competition for Samsung mobile phone developers right now.

Well, when talking about the features of the Samsung Android phone, besides many advantages, there are of course also disadvantages, namely the battery life, which does not last long. However, it is possible that the latest smartphone from Samsung may be out with a long battery life. Nevertheless, the Samsung cell phone can also be given a thumbs up, because the cell phone is durable and not easy to damage.


Like other smartphones, Samsung smartphones have a feature called RAM. RAM or its length random access memory is a software in devices that play a pretty important role.

For those who enjoy playing online games, they will of course be familiar with this system as RAM is required by every gaming application, especially those that require large amounts of memory access.

A smartphone has a large amount of RAM, which of course is very good for the cellphone’s performance, be it for gaming and so on.

Then the question “How to check the memory of a Samsung smartphone“?

In fact, the ability to check the RAM was provided directly by the Samsung smartphone developer. Even so, there are still many Samsung phone users who are confused about it.

Hence, there is no need to worry because the following is a guide on how to easily check Samsung RAM on different types of Samsung phones in just 1 minute, be it Samsung J2 Prime, Samsung A5 2021, Samsung J7 2021, Samsung J7 Pro, Samsung J7 plus, Samsung J5 Pro, Samsung J2 Pro 2021, Samsung J2 Prime, Samsung Mega 6.3, Samsung C5, C7, C9 Pro, Core Duos, Core 2, Samsung Galaxy V Plus, A8, A7, J3 and so on .

Okay, let’s just move on How to check samsung phone ram.

1. Please open the settings or first the settings on your Samsung phone.

2. Then go to miscellaneousthen there are several options you can choose from Application manager.

How to Check Samsung Cell Phone RAM / How to See Samsung RAM / How to Find Samsung RAM

3. Well, there you can swipe right where the application scan will run. After that, look underneath it, it will show the total RAM of your Samsung phone and how much RAM is still available.

How To Check Samsung RAM How To Check Samsung Cell Phone RAM

Complete! Surely not difficult, right? Even so, there are certainly many Samsung smartphone users who are confused about this.

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That’s something like that How to check the memory of a Samsung phone that you can try. Hopefully this can be useful for anyone who is having trouble checking the RAM on their Samsung smartphone. Much luck.

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