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How to buy coins on Webtoon with Credit 2021

How to buy Line Webtoon Coins with credit – Who doesn’t know the Line Webtoon application? Well, of course, almost everyone, especially those who enjoy reading, must already be familiar with this one application.

Well the application is a line webtoon. An application that is becoming increasingly popular with people who enjoy reading comics online.

There is certainly no reason to doubt the quality of the comics from this one application. In fact, many users have given positive reviews of comics from the Webtoon line.

However, not all of them are certainly positive user reviews of Webtoon applications. There are times when users are also dissatisfied or feel that the Webtoon application is missing something that they leave negative reviews.

But behind all of that, the Webtoon application remains the flagship of the people who enjoy reading comics online.

How To Buy Coins On Webtoon With Credit

Webtoon recently released a coin function as a digital currency or means of payment.

These coins are useful for buying preview episodes or the next episode of comic book history on the Webtoon.

With this coin feature, which provides a solution for Webtoon application users who are impatiently waiting for the next episode, they can now access the next episode faster by buying the next episode with this Webtoon coin.

If you want to buy coins, users can buy them with two different coin supplies, namely 100 coins for Rp.15,000 rupiah while the second is 194 coins with a price of 29,000 rupees.

The purchase of coins on webtoon on an Android or iOS mobile phone can of course use several payment methods. But the question most users are asking is can you buy Webtoon Coins with credit? How impulses from several operators, namely XL, Telekomsel, Indosat, Smartfren, IM3, Axis and several other operators?

The answer is yes you can.

However, certain conditions must be met to purchase, e.g. of them :

1. Make sure you have a verified Line Webtoon account.
2. Make sure you have a loan amount with a face value that is greater than the price of the coin.
3. Set the payment method to credit in the Google Play Store.

How to buy Webtoon Coins with credits

  1. After all the requirements have been met, you can immediately buy Webtoon Coins with credit by logging into your Webtoon application.
  2. Then choose More that’s at the bottom right.
  3. Then choose Coin shop, then the number of coins and the price of the coins appear. Buddy will choose how many coins to buy.
  4. Then select the payment method with operator credit.
  5. Next, enable Payment Settlement.
  6. Then follow the instructions you will receive for the billing steps for buying coins with credit.
How to buy Webtoon coins with iOS-Android balance

Well, this is how my friend can buy coins on the Webtoon line with credit.

So far, coins can only be bought on the Webtoon via in-app purchases, which can be found in services in the Google Play Store and App Store. So it can’t be anywhere.

How to buy coins on the Webtoon line with credits to try. Please note that when purchasing coins on this Webtoon, a credit equivalent to the nominal price of the coins must be provided, as additional fees or credit discounts apply. See Also: How To Get Free Webtoon Coins.

If you have any questions or don’t fully understand them, feel free to ask them in the comments section below. Much luck.

UPDATE: July 22nd, 2021

Webtoon Coin purchases can temporarily no longer use credit, but can only be made using a credit or debit card and a Google Play voucher code. So stay tuned for the latest update on how to buy Webtoon Coins via Credit / Debit / Google Play Coupon Codes.

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