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Script Get the Saber Legend Skin (codenamed Storm) for free Mobile Legends

Here's how to get a free saber legend skin with a script
Free Saber Legend Codename Storm Skin Script

Free Saber Legend Skin Script Codename Storm Mobile Legends Latest 2021 – Hello to all friends, meet again at mediakoms for a discussion about how to get a proven free legend saber skin. This time the admin will also provide a script on how to get a free Skin Legend Saber Codename Storm. So you don’t have to spend any more money to buy and get a Legend Saber skin as you can get it for free and easily by simply downloading a Legend Saber script and then transferring it to your mobile legend data.

It turned out to be very easy, didn’t it? For more clarity and detail, just follow the steps on how to get a Saber Legend skin for free below.

How to Install a Free Legend Saber Skin Script on Android Mobile Legends

Please copy the free skin file you downloaded:

Android >> DATA >> >> Files >> Dragon >> Assets >> Documents >> AndroidThen the last one, my friend, paste in the saber skin script you just downloaded earlier. Then just overwrite.

Download the Saber Legend Codename Storm Skin Script for Free 2021

Note: It is recommended to play Mobile Legends with your small account as you are prone to get banned using this ml skin script. Buddy can change a new account first by deleting the mobile legends data and then logging in again with a new account. Also Read: Free STARLIGHT Cyber ​​Ops Gumon Skin Script.

Well this is all about the script on how to get a legendary saber skin for free to practice. Hopefully this tutorial can help all of my friends who have problems with ml skin. Much luck.

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