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Here's a quick way to get rid of locked Ome TV

How to Get Rid of Banned Ome TV Android / How to Unbanch Ome TV on PC in 2021 / How to deal with Ome TV ban

How to Get Rid of Banned Ome TV / Latest Path to Unbanned Ome TV 2021 – Ome TV is a video calling site / application that connects every user with other Ome TV application users who do not know each other.

The Ome TV application now has quite a number of users from different countries like Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Iceland, the Netherlands, Sweden, Spain, Germany and several other countries.

Perhaps the reason why many people are interested in playing on the ome tv application is because users can access the application or website from that ome tv.

In this Ome TV application we can meet new friends both verbally and in writing and chat with them (Ome TV users). Besides being able to chat with users from local countries, users can of course also chat with people from abroad by switching countries and also doing random searches.

When we play on ome tv there are many benefits and positive things we can find such as: Of course, not all positive effects can be determined; there are also negative effects.

Just like there are some users who intentionally show obscene things, speak rude, be racist and so on. However, viewed from some of the negative things above, there is one thing that users often come across and it is done by some naughty users, which is to show inappropriate things.

Naughty users at ome tv are of course sanctioned in the form of: forbidden or block it because it clearly violates the ome-tv application’s rules and guidelines. But in one case there were many other users who played cleanly or didn’t break the rules but got banned from ome tv.

This will always be a question for users. Why can his ome-tv account be blocked?

Maybe there are several reasons it happened as reported by a user in order for the ome tv to handle it.

How to Unlock Ome TV on Android

Well, if you feel like you haven’t broken the rules and want to play again, aka Remove tires, then my friend can follow the steps below unbanned ome tv android, how to open banned ome tv, how to unlock ome tv ban on pc so you can play ome tv as normal again. That’s how it’s done.

1. Use the Chrome browser

Well my friend, first open your Google Chrome browser. If you don’t have the browser, you can install it on your Android, iPhone or PC first, or go straight to the application link here.

2. Switch to the desktop version

How to Open Blocked Ome TVs / How to Unlock Ome TV PCs / Unbanned Ome TV Apps

After opening the Chrome browser, go to the Settings / Preferences section marked with three dots in the top right corner, then select Desktop site by ticking.

3. Go to the Ome TV site

Type TV in the search area of ​​your Chrome browser. Then the Ome TV website will appear, click and select the website.

note : If you see a pop-up menu that says “Open With …”, you can use the Chrome browser application. But remember, do not use the Ome TV application on your Android smartphone or iPhone.

This way, my friend can now play my TV again without having to wait that long for the lock.

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Just such quick tips on how to unlock Ome TV on Android that you can try. Hopefully these tips can help all of my friends who are having trouble or difficulty on this matter.

If you have any questions or are still confused, feel free to ask them using the comments column provided below. Much luck.

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