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This is the quick and easy way to get Mobile Legend tickets

This is how you can get Mobile Legend tickets quickly and easily – One of the multifunctional items that is also very important in the Mobile Legends game is a ticket.

Tickets here can be used for a variety of things, such as: B. to buy certain heroes that can be bought with tickets and also used to play games of chance.

But in my opinion, from this ticket, mobile legends players most want to play Lucky Spin.


Because by playing Lucky Spin on this mobile legend, players can receive special items such as battle points, hero fragments, crystals (exchanged for special skins), test skins and even permanent skins free of charge.

That’s why so many players who want large numbers of Mobile Legend Tickets are looking for a quick way to get Mobile Legend Tickets.

Getting tickets in ML (Mobile Legends) isn’t difficult, aka simple and certainly you don’t have to top up diamonds to get them.

We can get it by doing the recommended missions. However, there still seem to be many players in this mobile legend game who are confused and find it difficult to play Get Legends Mobile Tickets.

Therefore, if you are having trouble collecting tickets, there are a few tips for you to check out This is how you can get Mobile Legend tickets quickly and easily below so that you can collect ml tickets quickly and easily for free.

How to get free mobile legend tickets

1. Complete the quest with a time limit

How to get multiple ml tickets for free

These limited time quests can be found in the Daily Mission Quests section.

How to Get Tickets to Mobile Legends – this quest has missions that must be completed. For example, the mission is “Use a support hero and get 20 assists” so here you need to use a support hero and get 20 assists. In this way, you receive tickets with a specified number, usually 20 tickets.

Hence, you can complete as many available missions as possible so that your tickets can be collected much faster.

But remember, this quest has a time limit of 3 days. After 3 days the quest or mission will be renewed. So don’t miss out.

Don’t know where it is Quest with a time limit?

Make sure you enter the game first Cell phone legends you, then choose daily mission which is located on the left side of the Mobile Legends homepage. After you press a new page will appear, well in that is the quest mission with a time limit.

2. Open free chests

This is how you can quickly receive a large number of ml mobile legend tickets

In Mobile Legends game there are 2 chests that usually have special prizes, namely a medal chest and a free chest. Both chests have different types of prizes when opened.

But between the two, it’s the free chest that often gives away prizes in the form of tickets.

You can open a free chest every 4 hours and there are no conditions.

But keep in mind that gifts from free chests are not always in the form of tickets, sometimes there is magic dust and so on.

Where are the two chests?

The two chests are on the left of the Mobile Legends game home page. You can see there are two chests with different colors, namely gold and silver.

3. Season pass

This is how you can get Mobile Legend tickets quickly and easily

To get ml tickets faster, you need to complete the mission from the season pass.

It can be said that the mission of this Season Pass takes a long time compared to quests with a time limit.

This is because the ticket price of this season ticket is higher, namely 50 tickets. However, the granting of tickets from the season ticket is also calculated according to the degree of completion. To learn more, you can first take a look at the season tickets section.

But keep in mind that this Season Pass mission has a limited time which is around 3 months. It’s been a while so that’s fine. After all, a new one is reset after 3 months so that the Season Pass is not lost.

You don’t know where the season ticket is?

It’s on the left side of the Legends mobile home page. You can press on the event, then a new screen will appear with the season pass in it.

Anyway, keep completing the Season Pass missions so tickets can be collected faster.

4. Daily login

This is how you can get ml tickets quickly and free of charge

This is the easiest way to get Mobile Legends tickets. Only when you register for the Mobile Legends game do we already have the opportunity to receive Mobile Legends tickets. Daily login can be seen as one of the most practical and easiest ways to get legendary mobile tickets.

Whether you log into the Mobile Legends game just once a day, you still have a chance to claim the prize.

Usually we can get tickets on certain days, for example 20 tickets on the 2nd day, a box of tickets and Magic Dusk on the 5th day, 30 tickets on the 6th day.

In addition, we can receive the prize in the form of 20 tickets and 2 skin trial cards if we are fully logged in, i.

So keep logging in, even if only once a day.

However, if you are still confused about where the daily login is, don’t need to be confused as it is at the end of the event.

5. Wait for the season to end

This is how you get mobile legend tickets quickly

That might not be quick, but make sure you don’t be mistaken if the tickets available from the end of the season can hit up to thousands of tickets at once.

So all you have to do is increase your rank as high as possible to get more tickets, because the higher the ranking, the higher the price you get.

You can get to the first rank mythical or Legend it was enough because the rewards from both ranks were the same.

Either way, at the end of this season you will need to increase your ranking as this is the only way to get lots of ml tickets fast.

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The last word

Just a couple of tips How to get a Mobile Legend Ticket with quick, easy and free to practice to collect lots of ml tickets. Hopefully this will be useful and add to your insight into this legendary mobile game. If you have any questions about mobile legends, don’t hesitate to ask them using the comments column provided. Much luck.

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