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Here's how to get the latest Gopay free credit without paying in 2021

How to get free Gopay credit | free gopay vouchers 2021 – Who doesn’t know the name Go-pay? Of course, almost everyone knows and is familiar with the features of this Go-Jek application.

Well, Gopay, or in its previous name, that is Go wallet is a virtual wallet function or online wallet for storing Gojek credit, which can be used to carry out any transaction in the Gojek application.

Well, of course, the GoPay balance in the Go-Jek application plays an important role in any transaction that we would like to make while using the Go-Jek application.

A gopay credit is certainly very helpful, especially for those who make frequent transactions through the Gojek application. Whether ordering a Gocar or ordering food (to eat out).

In addition, there are other advantages of having a gopay balance that makes transactions easier than paying with cash cash. In fact, there are other advantages to using a gopay credit instead of paying cash which is cheaper because of the reduced price.

Wow, it must be very useful, right? If you have a gopay balance?

Be able Gopay credit receivedOf course, you have to top up your Gopay credit first. Users of the Go-Jek application can top up their GoPay credit in shopping centers that offer the GoPay credit replenishment feature.

It’s basically the same as we pay for both transactions with money. But make no mistake, as it is preferred to use GoPay for transactions in the Go-Jek application, so it is no wonder that when using a GoPay balance, a cheaper price is usually given for the payment when making a transaction in the Go-Jek application.


Having a large GoPay credit is certainly the dream or desire of almost everyone without exception. Besides being very easy to conduct online transactions through the Gojek application, it is of course also very easy for the users themselves.

But we know that if you want to have a gopay balance, of course you have to refill the gopay balance yourself by spending money.

This is certainly quite difficult for some Gojek application users. Aside from being complicated to top up in places that provide GoPay credit, of course, there are also difficulties that some users often face, namely financial issues.

This question sometimes arises for some users, can I get or does a Go-Pay voucher exist? How to get free Gopay credit 2021 that?

Receive Coupon code free gopay or how to get free gopay credit, in fact, users can do it.

There is a rewards website on the internet that offers the option of exchanging gifts for credits or gopay vouchers for free, the name is poinweb.

Poinweb is a rewards website that offers its members various redemption prices when they accumulate enough points to redeem. Well, one of the redemption prices that can be exchanged if the points we have in this Webpoint are enough, namely free gopay credit / vouchers.

To start on Poinweb and collect points so that they can be exchanged for free GoPay credit, you must first register with Poinweb. You can participate and register for free. How to register with poinweb.


1. First, the list of webpoints is here.

2. After entering the section Home page, select “Register”.

How To Get Free Gopay Credit / How To Get Free Gopay Coupons Without Being Illegal

3. You can then register with your Twitter or Facebook account.

Free Go-Jek Coupons / Free Go-Pay Coupon Codes / Free Go-Pay Credits

4. Then enter the required personal information and then click on “Sign In”.

5. You will then receive a confirmation email from Poinweb. If necessary, click on the confirmation link in your email and fill in the required information.

After everything is done, you are already a member or Poinweb member and have managed to get an initial registration point of 2500 points.

How do you get more points then?

The method is very simple, you can do such tasks as playing games, taking daily quizzes, filling out surveys, participating in promotions and participating in daily chance Price Rp. 50,000 rupiah and so on.

You can complete all of this through action points, shopping points and at all locations provided by poinweb to receive many points that can be redeemed in them.

Of course, that doesn’t stop there, there are many more simple point paying tasks that you can complete to earn more points.

How can you then redeem the points?

You can redeem the points depending on the type of request you want. Let’s say you want to exchange points for Gopay vouchers.

So go to the Poinweb page and select the menu in the top right corner.

Then click on “Redeem points”, which will take you to the point exchange page. You can choose what you want to exchange, for example a gopay top-up voucher. For gopay you have to collect at least 25,000 points, which can be exchanged for a gopay credit worth Rp. 20,000 rupiah. There is also a larger face value that can be exchanged, such as a gopay voucher of Rp. 50,000 rupiah with the required points of 56,000 points and also a voucher of Rp. 100,000 rupiah with a total of 107,500 points.

How to get free gopay credit 2021

After you have entered the redemption option, you can select the voucher “Free Gopay top-up” and then click on “Redeem points”.

If so, you will receive a notification in the email you previously registered.

Then take a free voucher code and exchange it for a free gopay credit.

Surely that’s a lot of fun, isn’t it? In addition to points from Poinweb, we can exchange them for GoPay vouchers, we can also exchange them for credit, money, etc. according to our wishes.


In addition, you can also use the referral code URL provided by the Gojek developer. If you share the link with the referral code, you can get free Go-Jek credit when friends or people install the Go-Jek application from the link you shared.

Of course, conditions also apply. For more details, you can read the FAQ section or ask questions about sharing the referral code in your Gojek application.

The chance of a free GoPay credit in 2021 is indeed very high. There are many ways we can use to get the free GoPay credit. So of course you have to keep fighting and trying.

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That’s roughly the way you can take stock free gopay without having to spend any money. Hopefully this discussion can be useful to all of you. Much luck.

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