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Harvest Moon Hero of Leaf Valley Transform Machine Function

For those of you who play Harvest Moon [HoLV] Surely you know that this game has an event that is held once every season except for the winter season. Yep, that event is a horse race or horse racing. Where in horse racing we can get lots of prizes by exchanging medals that we have.


But in addition to the prizes obtained by exchanging medals, we can also get more prizes if we win a horse race for the first time. mineral crystals.

Inside Harvest Moon [HoLV] itself there are 3 Transform engines that we can have with different functions. Here are 3 Transform engines and their functions:

• Transforms 1
Obtained from winning short distance horse races and has the function to turn grass into mineral crystals.

• Transforms 2
Namely Transform, which is obtained by winning a long distance horse race and has the function of turning wood into a special fishing bait.

• Transforms 3
Finally, Transform 3, which is obtained by winning a streeplechase type horse race and functions to combine two plant seeds into one which results in the two plants being combined. Here are the plant seeds that can be combined:

1. Corn + Carrot = Carrot Seeds

2. Corn + Tomato = Tomorn Seeds

3. Onion + Tomato = Oniato Seeds

4. Potato + Breadfruit = Pobread Seeds

5. Potato + Tomato = Pomato Seeds

6. Potato + Spinach = Potanich Seeds

7. Potato + Onion = Potanion Seeds

8. Potato + Golden Potato = TaterTater Seeds

9. Rice + Carrot = Rice Carrot Seeds

10. Rice + Corn = Rice Corn Seeds

11. Spinach + Pumpkin = Spinkin Seeds

12. Strawberry + Corn = Straw Corn Seeds

13. Strawberry + Watermellon = Strawter Mellon Seeds

14. Watermellon + Rice = Water Rice Seeds

15. Watermellon + Pumpkin = Waterkin Seeds

16. Watermellon + Spinach = Waterniche Seeds

As for the combination that results in “??? Seeds”, the resulting plants will be random.

Well, that’s about the Transform engine and its functions in Harvest Moon [HoLV].