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How to Make an Automatic Armor Mounting Machine in Minecraft PE

Usually installing armor is done manually starting from armor helmet to boots or vice versa. However, this time gamelmit will share how to make an automatic armor installation machine so you can use a set of armor automatically.


Tools & Materials

• Dispenser

• Redstone

• Block (Free)

• Armor (Free)

• Pressure Plate (Free, except for iron and gold pressure plates)

How to Make an Automatic Armor Fitting Machine

1. Place 2 dispensers in a row. Make sure both dispensers are facing the same direction. If you have difficulty in placing the second dispenser you can use the help of another block or bend down. To bend just press the button in the middle of the button you use when moving.

2. Also place 2 dispensers with the same pattern but pointing inward and one block away from the previous dispenser. So that the dispensers will face each other.

3. Place each block behind the bottom dispenser. This block serves to help activate the top dispenser.

4. Place the pressure plate between the dispensers. The pressure plate will act as an activator for the dispenser.

5. Connect the pressure plate with the top dispenser using the redstone line through the help block installed in step 3.

This redstone connection functions to activate the dispenser on top because when the pressure plate is pressed it only activates the dispenser at the bottom but when you connect the pressure plate and dispenser above with redstone. The top dispenser will activate when the pressure plate is pressed.

This is also what makes you unable to use iron and gold pressure plates in making this machine because of the lack of compressive power with those two materials so you can’t activate redstone until the top dispenser.

If it is difficult to place the redstone above the dispenser, do the same thing as placing the second dispenser, namely bending.

6. Up here you have succeeded in making an automatic armor installation machine and as an example this time you will install a set of netherite armor automatically using the machine.

First, put each armor into a different dispenser. For example, put netherite boots into dispenser no 1, netherite leggings in dispenser no 2, netherite chestplate on dispenser no 3, and netherite helmet dispenser no 4.

You don’t have to put armor into the dispenser like the picture above because you can place it randomly and it will have no effect.

Then, when you have put all the armor into the dispenser. Walk past the dispensers facing each other.

Make sure you step on the pressure plate. So that the dispenser will activate and shoot the armor that was inserted into the dispenser earlier at you and a set of netherite armor is successfully installed.

Well, that’s how to make an automatic armor fitting machine. After understanding the working principle of an automatic armor installing machine, you can also make it with a simpler or more creative model.

For example a simple armor fitting machine you only need to place 4 dispensers with a pressure plate in the middle. You can use all types of pressure plates in this model.

Then, when all the dispensers are filled with armor and you step on the pressure plate it will activate all four dispensers and automatically the armor will be installed.