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Guide, Tutorial, Build Gear, and How to Play Angela in Mobile Legends

Angela is a support type hero who uses magic power like a mage. Currently, Angela is the only support type hero that is often used in Ranked Game Mobile Legends because she can enter the body of her team’s hero when Angela uses the ultimate skill (Heartguard), even though her partner is at the end of the map. So, this ability is like teleporting into the body of his team’s hero. The hero possessed by Angela’s witchcraft has an additional shield so that it becomes more difficult to kill.

Angela also has the Smart Heart passive skill where her movement speed will increase by 10% every time she uses the skill (maximum 30%) and this effect is also applied and can be felt by the possessed hero. Angela’s first skill, Love Waves, is very useful, both when she is alone and in the body of her partner hero. This skill is used to attack the opponent and also serves to restore Angela’s HP. Angela’s most painful skill is her second skill, Puppet on a string. With this skill, Angela takes out a thread on the opponent’s hero and reduces her opponent’s HP. These abilities make Angela a reliable support hero.


Early Game (Levels 1-8)
At the beginning of the game, take the first skill (Love Waves) to attack enemies and heal Angela’s HP. Unlike the marksman or assassin heroes, Angela doesn’t need to buff or hunt in the forest so she doesn’t need to buy items to hunt. Immediately to the lane up or down to help our teammates. Take skill 1 and 2 alternately, but focus more on skill 1. After level 4, take the ultimate skill to be able to enter the body of our hero partner. If there are friends who need help, immediately use the ultimate skill to help our partner hero so that he gets a shield so he doesn’t die easily and can attack the opponent back. Take the ultimate skill level 2 when Angela reaches level 8.

Mid Game (Levels 9-12)
Stay focused on supporting the heroes on our team, especially in defending the tower. Take the ultimate skill level 3 when Angela is level 12. Be careful of sudden attacks, it’s better not to be alone when far from the tower.

Late Game (Levels 13-15)
Be careful in the late game against hero assassins or marksman because the damage is already very painful. When war is better to enter the body of the hero tank because it is not easy to die so Angela is safer, but if it is necessary enter the marksman hero because it is usually targeted by assassins, where assassin damage is very painful and can kill marksman very quickly.

Build Gear Angela

Wizard Boots

Adds 300 HP, 40 Movement Speed, and 80 gold when assists or kills or defeats an opposing hero. The main function of this item is to increase Angela’s movement speed.

Enchanted Talisman
Adds 50 magic power, 250 HP, reduces or reduces Angela’s skill cooldown by 20% and regen 10 mana every 10 seconds. With this item, Angela doesn’t need to return to base often to replenish her mana.

Necklace of Durance
Adds 70 magic power, 300 HP, reduces skill cooldown by 5%, and reduces the opponent’s regen effect by 50%.

Glowing Wand
Adds 75 magic power, 5% movement speed, and 15 magic penetration, and adds a burn effect to the opponent when hit by Angela’s skill.

Adds 800 HP, 40 Magic Resistance, and can revive when dead (Cooldown 180 seconds)

Dominance Ice
Adds 500 Mana, 70 Armor, reduces the critical chance or critical chance by 5%, reduces the cooldown of skills by 15%, and weakens the opponent’s movement speed by 5% and attack speed by 30%.

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