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The Best Physical and Magic Lifesteal Items or Gear in Mobile Legends

Lifesteal serves to suck or steal the opponent’s blood or HP when attacking the opponent so that our hero does not die quickly and is difficult to beat. Lifesteal in the Mobile Legends game is divided into physical lifesteal and spell vamp where physical lifesteal is when attacking with basic attacks and spell vamp when using skills.

1. Haas Claw

Serves to add 70 physical attack points and 20% lifesteal. This gear user hero will also get an additional 10% lifesteal when HP is reduced to 40% or less. Usually marksman-type heroes like Miya and Lesley or fighters like Zilong and Martis use this gear.

2. Concentrated Energy

Concentrated Energy is an item for mage-type heroes who use magic power for their attacks. This item functions to add 70 magic power and 700 HP, 30% spell vamp (lifesteal from skills), and has the additional effect of 10% HP regeneration from the hero when successfully killing the opponent’s hero. Examples of heroes who use this gear are Cyclops, Vexana, and Aurora.

3. Bloodlust Ax

Bloodlust Ax has an effect similar to Haas Claw, which adds 70 physical attack points and there is an additional 10% cooldown skill reduction effect and the lifesteal is a 20% spell vamp (lifesteal from skill). The difference between this item and Haas Claw is that Haas Claw has an additional 10% lifesteal effect if HP is below 40% while Bloodlust does not, but Bloodlust is able to reduce skill cooldown time by 10%. In addition, if the Haas Claw lifesteal is from a basic attack, Bloodlust is from a hero skill. This item can be used by heroes who take advantage of physical attacks but from their skills. An example of a hero who uses this item is Lancelot.

4. Endless Battle

Endless Battle is a pretty good gear for physical lifesteal because in addition to having a 15% lifesteal effect, this gear also adds a lot of statuses such as 65 physical attacks, 25 mana regen, 250 hp, 10% reduction in skill cooldown time, and 5% movement speed. The price is also not much different from Haas Claw, but the lifesteal effect is only 15%, unlike Haas Claw which is 20% and there is an additional 10% if the hero’s HP is less than 40%.

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