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Guide to Build the Strongest Hilda Gear in Mobile Legends

Hilda is a semi-tank fighter hero that has the ability to regenerate HP and increase movement speed significantly. With these two abilities, Hilda becomes more difficult to defeat because even if she is hit, Hilda’s HP can recover quite quickly while in the grass. In addition, when it is not possible to defeat the enemy or if attacked by an opponent, Hilda can escape quickly. Use the Fighter Emblem and battle spell flickr for Hilda to make her stronger and tougher. Here’s the Guide to Build the Strongest Hilda Gear in Mobile Legends.

Hilda’s Skills

Blessing of Wilderness (Passive)
Hilda will get a shield and an increase in HP regeneration speed when in the bushes or grass.

Combat Ritual
Hilda activates the power of the Great Sword Runic which increases her movement speed for a few seconds. The basic attack damage will then be increased and cause a slow effect on the opponent.

Art of Hunting
Skills can be used up to three times to attack enemies. The second attack will damage the area and the third attack will give a knockback area effect in a short time.

Power of Wildness (Ultimate)
Hilda jumps towards the target and does a powerful slash and stuns the target. Each kill or assist can increase the damage power of Wildness and can be stacked up to 10 times. After the 10th stack, this skill will ignore 40% of the opponent’s armor when used.

Hilda’s Playing Strategy

Early Games
Buy hunting items to increase damage and get bonus exp when hunting in the forest. Take skill 2 because it is more useful in the early game to hit the opponent. Help your teammates to take the buff or you can go directly to the top or bottom lane to clear the lane. Prioritize taking the ultimate skill and skill 2 which is useful for defeating the opponent.

Mid Game
In the mid game, try to get kills or assists to increase Hilda’s ultimate skill damage. If there are 2 or more opposing heroes who have been defeated, use the opportunity to go to the turtle and defeat it to get additional gold and exp.

Late Game
Be careful of marksman and assassin whose damage is already very painful in the late game. Try not to advance alone, especially when the enemy is not visible on the map. Sell ​​the hunting items purchased earlier and replace them with the last item. Buy attack potions or tanks when all items are finished and there is gold left.

Guide Build Gear Hilda

Warrior Boots
Add armor and increase movement speed

Bloodlust Ax
Adds physical damage, spell vamp effects, and Cooldown Reduction.

2x Blade of Despair
Increases physical attack damage significantly

Increases magic resistance, regenerates HP, and adds cooldown reduction effects

Add armor, HP, Mana Regen, and Cooldown Reduction

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