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Definition,Functions,Format,Advantages,Disadvantages of Digital Books

In ancient times before the invention of computers and the internet, when someone wanted to find certain information or data, he needed to go to the library or bookstore to read books so that his horizons broadened. By reading books, a human being can become smarter and smarter so that he can work and produce something useful for society. However, the paper-based book has several weaknesses, one of which is that it is easily damaged (exposed to water, burned, torn, and so on) and can be lost. Therefore, we need another form of book that is not easily damaged and is not easily lost so that it can be another alternative to the physical book made of paper.

Understanding Digital Books / E-Books

E-Book (Electronic Book) or Digital Book is an electronic version of a book that can be accessed or opened from a computer. Digital books can contain informative text or images and are usually the same content as physical / conventional books. Some digital books do not provide a physical version and similarly there are physical books that do not provide a digital version.

Digital Book Function

1. Information Media

With digital books, information spreads faster because there is no need to print or publish. Searching for information also becomes easier and faster because there is usually a keyword search feature.

2. Learning Media
Digital books can be good learning media because they can contain multimedia content that does not necessarily exist in conventional books.

Advantages of Digital Books Compared to Paper / Conventional Books

1. Save Paper

Unlike conventional books, digital books do not require paper, so they are more environmentally friendly and less paper wasteful.

2. Not Easily Damaged Or Lost
Digital books have no physical form so they are not easily torn, lost, wet, or burned. Digital books can also be inherited in good condition, in contrast to books that use paper where when they are decades old they may not be in good condition.

3. Can be obtained quickly
To get digital books, we can buy them on digital book buying and selling sites or download them for free for certain books that are distributed free of charge. That way we don’t have to go to a bookstore to buy books, which saves a lot of time.

4. Practical and Easy to Access
By using digital books, we only need to carry a laptop or smartphone (Android or Iphone or Ipad) everywhere without having to carry thick and heavy books. We can open and read it anytime in our spare time and anywhere without having to forget to carry it or have trouble carrying it because it is heavy.

Disadvantages of Digital Books Compared to Paper / Conventional Books

1. Requires Hardware and Software To Open It

To be able to open a digital book, we need additional equipment such as a computer / PC / Laptop or smartphone. In addition, we also need software such as a pdf reader to be able to open the ebook file.

2. Impaired Eye Health
When reading digital books we will use our eyes by staring at the light from the computer screen / PC / Laptop / Android / iPhone so that it makes our eyes tired faster than reading conventional books.

3. Can Get Virus
Although e-books can be protected from various physical damage, it is unavoidable from malicious virus attacks that can come from the internet. Therefore, if you want your e-book to be safe from viruses, it is better to keep the data backed up on your hard disk or cloud storage so that when you get a virus there is still backup data.

Example of Digital Book Format

1. Plain Text
This book contains text only without any pictures.

2. Pdf
Many books in pdf format are found, opening them is easy, even some modern browsers already support opening them, so there is no need for additional programs.

Books with JPEG format are in the form of images so that their contents cannot be copied or copied.

Books in HTML format such as the standard format used by the World Wide Web (www)

Download Free Digital Books / E-Books

Project Gutenberg

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