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Best Gord Item Build 2021 with Emblem and Battle Spell

Best Gord Item Build 2021 with Emblem and Battle Spell | GEAR MLBB

Not many old heroes can survive in the current meta, but one of the older heroes that can still be relied on for the current meta is Gord. This hero is still a mainstay until now, thanks to his CC skills. All of Gord’s skills are enough to annoy the enemy and become one of the heroes with annoying skills in mobile legends.

One of the weaknesses of this hero is that it doesn’t have a good escape skill, but you can overcome it with a flicker or sprint battle spell. So you can cover this shortcoming. Even so, you can still rely on this hero thanks to his CC skills and the damage is quite painful even for a tank hero. Therefore, we will now discuss the Best Gord Item Build 2021 with Emblems and Battle Spells.
Below we will discuss one by one starting from battle spells, emblem sets to items that you can buy in battle. Without further ado, let’s discuss the Best Gord Item Build 2021 with Emblems and Battle Spells.
The first is the best battle spell for Gord. The best battle spell for Gord is Flicker. Below is the explanation.

Teleport to a certain distance in a specific direction. For 1 second after Teleport, increases 5 (+1*hero level) Physical defense and magical defense.
Then what about the emblem? For emblems, of course, the mage emblem is the best emblem for Gord. And you can see the best settings in the following picture.


Purchased equipment items for 90% gold
The last thing we will discuss is of course the latest Gord Best Item Build in 2021. To maximize the ability of a hero in mobile legends, of course, it must be supported with the right items. Therefore, below is the latest Gord Best Item Build in 2021
The latest Gord Best Item Build in 2021:

The following below is a one-by-one explanation of the items we will use:

Attribute: +40 Movement SPD.
Unique Passive-Mysticism: Eliminating enemy heroes or getting assists will restore 10% of mana. Eliminating minions will restore 4% mana

Unique Passive-Life Drain: Reduces the Regen effect of enemies with skill damage by 50% for 3 seconds.

Unique Passive-Ice Bound: A skill that deals damage to enemy heroes, slowing them down by 15%. This effect lasts for 3 seconds. Can be stacked up to two times.

Unique Passive-Scorch: Damage skill will burn the target for 3 seconds, dealing 1% of the target’s Max HP as Magic damage per second (damage to the same target multiple times in a short time can increase this damage to a maximum of up to 2.5 %). Minimum 10 damage.

Unique Passive-Resonate: Every 6 seconds, the next magic skill will deal extra magic damage to 3 opponents who are on the same scale as the hero’s mana.

Unique passive-immortal: resurrect 2 seconds after defeat and get 15% HP and a shield that can absorb 300-1000 damage.(scaled with hero level) shield lasts up to 3 seconds. This effect has a CD for 180 seconds.
So that’s our discussion this time about the Best Gord Item Build 2021 with Emblems and Battle Spells. You can try it in rank and classic mode. If you have a recommendation for the best item, please write it in the comments column. Thank you for visiting, see you again in our next articles.



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