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Aura High's Karina Tank Build Can't Die

Karina Tank’s build may feel quite strange. However, Aura High showed it in the MPL ID Season 8 tournament. Geek Fam and Alter Ego became victims of the assassin mage’s ferocity. Meta karina tank is indeed quite unique and terrible. Because he can deal high damage but still has a strong defense.

In the MPL ID Season 8 week 8 match, Alter Ego vs Aura Fire brought together. There are interesting things at the meeting. Aura Fire does often use the Meta Tank jungle. Even so in this battle, where they rely on the Karina Jungle build tank plus 3 heroes with high sustain abilities. Meanwhile, AE relies on heroes with burst damage.

karina build tank jungler
karina build tank jungler

In the early game, the two teams were fairly even. But after entering the 15th minute, the fire aura began to show their meta karina tank. When team fights, Alter Ego really gets into trouble. And finally at minute 20 they could no longer defend the base. The success of Aura High in playing Karina Tank seems to have made many people interested in trying it. You are one of them?

The Reason for Karina’s Build Tanks That Are Being Widely Used

Maybe you are wondering, how can an assassin hero instead use a defensive build? Well, take a look at some of the following reasons.

build karina tank aura high
build karina tank aura high

Thick And Pain

The main reason why the karina tank is used by Aura Fire is that this hero can inflict painful damage but still has a thick defense. This is because his passive skill “shadow combo” which can cause true damage scales with the enemy’s lost HP. When the enemy is dying, Karina’s true damage also hurts.

Hero Anti Marksman

Hero assassins in general are a marksman player’s nightmare. With one combo usually MM immediately meninggoy. Likewise, a Karina who has the Dance Of Blendes skill that allows her to block Basic Attack attacks. With a build tank, no marksman can stop him. While Karina can kill him easily because of the amount of damage he creates.

Become a Second Tank

The presence of the karina tank will certainly be an alternative tank in the team. Thus the team can have additional protection, and at the time of draft pick the hero choice can be even more flexible. Karina also has high mobility, so she can’t be stopped easily.

Build Karina Tank Aura High

Aura High only uses one damage item, namely the Calamity Reaper. While other items are flexible defense items depending on the opponent they are facing. But in general, the following items are karina tanks in the style of aura high which are on the rise:

Bloody Hurnters Tough Boots

These pink shoes can increase magic resistance and reduce crowd control effects. With these shoes he can last a long time during team fights. Of course this can be adjusted again depending on the opponent faced. If the enemy is a physical hero, of course, he can use warrior boots.

Antique Cuirass

This one defense item is not very popular among tank players. But for Karina this tank is a pretty important item. Because it can increase HP, Health Regeneration and physical defense. Amazingly, this item also has a passive reducing physical attack by up to 24%.

Radiant Armor

Radiant armor provides attributes of 950 hp, 12 HP regen and 52 magic defense. The passive effect can increase an additional 60 magic defenses. This is certainly very useful for Karina to increase magic defense from the opponent’s mage attacks with high bursts such as Eudora or Pharsa.

Bruteforce Breastplate

To make Karina thicker, you can use bruteforce breastplate which can increase 770 HO and 45 physical defense. Interestingly, the passive effect can increase movement speed by 10%.

Calamity Reaper

The only mage item that Karina Tank uses is the Camality Reaper. In addition to providing 70 magic power and 100 mana, this item has passive true damage of up to 120%. This is of course very in line with the skills possessed by Karina.


This is an item that is usually used when entering the late game. In addition to increasing defense, immortability can also allow us to rise from the dead.

Emblem Karina Tank Mobile Legends

You can choose a tank emblem to increase HP, physical defense, magic resist and cooldown reduction. The following is the list of talents used.

Tier 1 Talents: Vitality

Level 1 you can take vitality to increase HP by 65 points. This makes Karina thicker in the early game.

Tier 2 Talents: Inspire

At level 2 you can take Insipire to increase cooldown reduction. As we know, Karina does need a high cooldown reduction.

Talent Tier 3: Concussice Blast

This talent gives periodic additional damage effects with Karina’s max HP.

Battle Spell

As a tank jungler in the style of aura high, then you have to use retributions. In addition to taking buffs, of course, it can be used to grab turtles or lords.

The final word

That was the build of the Aura High-style karina tank. To play the Karina build tank, we recommend playing as a team. If you want a solo rank, it’s better to use the sickest build as usual. If you are an assassin player, don’t forget to also read the hurt aamon build

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