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The Latest FF Max Auto Headshot Sensitivity 2021

The sensitivity of FF Max auto headshot is one thing that many free fire game lovers are looking for. This follows the launch of Free Fire Max on September 28, 2021. Players can download the version without having to delete the old version. All progress and achievements that have been achieved will not be lost because you can login with the old account.

The term auto headshot is often heard, especially those who like to play battle royale. This term describes where when aiming at the opponent directly hit in the head. Thus the enemy will be disabled more quickly than having to shoot first.

There are many things that affect a person can do a headshot. In addition to speaking skills, in-game settings are also an influential factor. One of them is the sensitivity setting. Every time there is an update or when you change devices, this sensitivity must be adjusted again. If we previously discussed the sensitivity of the ff xiaomi cellphone, this time we want to share the sensitivity of the ff max auto headshot.

Free Fire Max Features

As we all know, so far there have been many slanted assumptions about free fire games, especially about graphics. The mockery is like a dotted game, 8 bit games are often thrown at the game made by Garena. But indeed that is the advantage of free fire where it can be played on a potato cellphone or smartphone with limited specs.

To answer the needs of players who want a more exciting and realistic playing experience, FF Max is presented. This version offers more optimized graphics, animations and audio visuals. But of course, it requires a smartphone with above average specs so that there is no lag during the game.

This maximum version brings a number of features that will spoil the players. This is Garena’s effort to unite all free fire lovers regardless of device specs. His presence is not a substitute, only as an option. The mechanics of playing and also the content in the game remains the same. You can mabar or meet other players in both versions. Here are the features it has:


This feature allows you to login with the same account on FF Max or regular FF. All your achievements in the previous version will not be lost. You can even play into the two versions alternately.


This is a feature that allows you to create your own map. Starting from entering objects, buildings and so on into the map.

Better Graphics

This version features maps with better effects and details. One of them you can see the effect of distant leaves when trying to shoot trees.

Animation And Sound Effects

Free FIre Max also has updates to animations and audio. Like animations when running and jumping, which are more realistic and smooth. Even weapons also receive updates such as weapon reload animations, tracking effects to bullet holes.

Free Fire Max Auto Headshot sensitivity

Now for those of you who have downloaded ff Max, please reset the sensitivity. Actually, to get the best sensitivity, yes, you can try it and adjust it to each device. As a benchmark, you can check the following sensitivity.

ff max auto headshot sensitivity
ff max auto headshot sensitivity
  • look around 97
  • red dot sight 95
  • 2x scope 100
  • 4x scope 91
  • sniper scope 57
  • see about 16

The final word

Thank you for reading this review regarding the sensitivity of this ff max auto headshot. If you have a cellphone with high specs, don’t miss trying the sensation of playing with cool graphics and animations. Please download the game and set the sensitivity as above.

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