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Asobimo ETERNAL MMORPG Release Date Will Be Released In February 2021

Publisher Asobimo based in Japan has just officially announced the mobile game MMORPG entitled Eternal will be released in February 2021. As many as 30,000 gamers are participating closed beta test is being recruited, so anyone can take part in the development of this mobile game before it is released.

ETERNAL Mobile MMORPG Will Be Released In February 2021

As part of the beta test, there will be the addition of three new systems, namely Guild, Marketplace, and Battlefield.

  • System Guild in this mobile game will be able to accommodate up to 50 players.

  • Marketplace It is also very helpful, as it serves as a platform for players to trade their goods and weapons.

  • Battlefield in this mobile game will involve 15 vs 15 player real-time.

Other things to know about this mobile game:

  • More than 100 quests

  • Mount system and pet

  • 4 playable classes (Warrior, Paladin, Wizard, Priest)

  • 2 PvE Dungeons for a 5-player party (with matchmaking system)

Eternal Asobimo

Eternal is a mobile game project MMORPG developed by Asobimo and is the latest project in the company’s decade Asobimo since the release of Iruna in 2008. Another interesting thing about this mobile game is the character designs designed directly by the famous illustrator Yoshitaka Amano, a name that may be familiar to fans of the Final Fantasy franchise. This mobile game will focus on the war between the countries of Nordania and the Order, and players will take on the role of protagonists who must fight against creatures of darkness and protect their country from the invasion of evil forces.

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So if you are interested in this mobile game, be sure to visit the official Eternal website for more information and details.

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