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MMORPG Bless Mobile Finally Released Globally for iOS and Android

Almost a full year since its launch in the Asian market, finally Bless Mobile officially released globally for iOS and Android.

Series Bless first appeared in the American and European markets in 2021 with the release of its debut PC, Bless Online, followed by the console version in Bless Unleased. As a franchise, this game is still in its early stages so it’s only natural that there are still many shortcomings. However, the quality displayed in the game test for Bless Mobile ahead of its full release has demonstrated a quality standard befitting the title MMO biggest and best in app store today.

Bless Mobile

All the features you expect from MMORPG triple-A modern has been optimized for smartphones in Bless Mobile; farming, trade and economic systems, battle PvE and PVP, character classes and deep customization are all included with a strong level of detail, making use of Unreal Engine 4 latest to deliver outstanding performance that can be enjoyed even on low-end devices.

Of the many features in Bless Mobile, the most notable of which is the combat mechanics. Camera rotation, attack animations and character reaction speed are very smooth and there are many attack and defense commands at your disposal with d-pad on the screen which makes for a very dynamic experience. Making combat more dynamic is still the developer’s choice to incorporate a direction-based system where attack range is determined by weapon type and range of motion, with hit boxes always following the weapon’s path.

Prior to its global launch, Bless Mobile has held a pre-registration stage for fans who will get prizes in the form of exclusive ‘Ladis’ luxury belts, 500K Gold and many other prizes.

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For those who do not pre-register, they will still get prizes by participating in 10 different game events to celebrate its launch, in addition, players who log in for 4 consecutive days have the opportunity to get legendary class animals.

Bless Mobile available now for iOS and Android. You can download Bless Mobile through App Store and Google Play.

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