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8 Ways To Get Mobile Legend Battle Points Quickly

How to get mobile legend battle points quickly – As we all know, mobile legends are now loved by people from different circles. From children, teenagers, adults to parents, there are still many who play this one game.

But on the one hand we know that the legendary mobile game has a lot of good heroes, but we cannot use all of them individually because we have to buy them with Battle points.

So Battle points in ml This is useful for buying heroes, upgrading emblems, rotating emblems, and a lot more. Therefore, Battle Points are a very important staple food for ml players too.

However, as we all know, it’s not that difficult to get battle points here, and it’s a bit tricky, especially for beginners. This will surely feel so difficult because they don’t fully understand it. Also Read: How To Get Rare Skin Fragments Easily And For Free.

But you don’t have to worry as there are several simple ways that the mobile legends have provided for players to do this Get mobile Legend Battle Points quickly and for free.

Here are tips on how to get Battle Points for Mobile Legends quickly

1. Win the game

When you win games in mobile legends, you get a ton of extra battle points. The more you win the game, the more battle points you will get. This is one of the most proven ways to get free battle points that quickly add lots of battle points to mobile legends.

You can play in Brawl, Classic, Rank and win the match for battle points. However, it is more advisable to play in classic and ranked as the battle points are much larger in this mode.

Usually if we win we will Get mobile legend battle points 200 combat points range. Then if you lose you can still get battle points, that’s 100 more battle points. So basically we’re still gaining or losing battle points.

2. Maintain creditworthiness

If you keep a fixed credit score of 100, you’ll earn free Battle Points every week. Why?

This is a gift so that we can remain disciplined to play correctly without breaking the existing rules of the game.

Maintain creditworthiness

The only condition is that you do not take any afk action which is to leave a game in progress, which will only lose your creditworthiness.

Credits below 90 have no chance of earning free battle points. So keep your creditworthiness and avoid harmful Afk actions, because the effects of Afk are felt not only by us, but also by our teammates. Also Read: How To Make A Mobile Legends Roster Easily Proven.

3. Unlock medal and free chests

You can also quickly get free ML Battle Points by simply opening a chest. Opening medal and creeks gives you additional battle points every day.

You can open a free chest every 4 hours and get some premium battle points, emblems or skin fragments.

The medal box is opened once a day and to open it a match must be completed once or twice in any mode.

Usually the contents of this medal box consist of hundreds of battle points, fragments and emblems. So don’t forget to open the chest every day. Not bad when you can get free mobile battle points from the two free chests.

4. Use the dual BP card

If you want to play mobile legends, use a double BP card first as it will help you get battle points faster.

Using a double BP card will give you 2 times the battle points of the match results. Also Read: How To Change The Battle Chat In The Mobile Legend.

However, there is one condition that the game must win in order to get 2x battle points.

Then how do I get the dual bp card?

There are two ways to get it which is by dividing the results of the game once a day as you can only get 1 double BP card every day. Well, the second option is to buy it in the diamond store.

So don’t miss this opportunity …

5. Complete daily missions

When you complete daily missions, you will receive daily battle points.

We can get battle points of different amounts here depending on the level of achievement. The more missions we complete, the more battle points we can get.

In addition, there are also great prizes to be won, namely weekly activity prizes in the form of 2 chests that give us hundreds of battle points and several other prizes. Also Read: How To Get Lots Of Battle Points For Mobile Legends Quickly.

So this is also very important for you to get battle points quickly.

6. Upgrade the division at the end of the season

We can raise our division as high as possible before the end of the season.

If we upgrade a division to a higher rank, we will get a greater number of Battle Points as the rewards at the end of the season will be adjusted based on the division we have.

The battle points obtained at the end of the season are quite large, up to tens of thousands of battle points. So keep improving the division.

You can at least upgrade your division to Mythic or Legendary. Because the prices for the two divisions are numerically the same.

7. Selling test skins or existing heroes

You can sell a trial hero or skin if you already own one.

Selling a trial hero or skin here will give you some battle points in return.

So if you have a lot of heroes or test skins, you can sell them for some battle points. Instead of having to pile up in a backpack. You already have a hero or skin, why need to keep the trial version, just sell it for free battle points.

8. Play Lucky Spin

It turns out that playing the game of chance on this mobile legend can also help us earn a lot of battle points.

There is only one condition to be able to play this lucky spin, and that is to have enough tickets. Each spin in Lucky Spin requires 20 tickets as a tool to play them.

But you don’t have to worry if you don’t have a ticket as we can get free spins every 48 hours. So you can try your luck for fantastic prizes in games of chance, including battle points. So keep turning to get the prizes.

The last word

So that’s it for a few tips How to get mobile legend battle points quickly that you can apply for. Hopefully this article will be useful for those of you who really want to get Battle Points faster and can buy dream heroes. If you are still confused or have other recommendations, feel free to ask in the comments column provided below, I’ll be happy to answer them.

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