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Quick ways to permanently delete a Tantan account

How to permanently delete a Tantan account – For those of you who love to play applications Live streaming here we can make video calls with people we don’t know personally arbitrarily, of course, already familiar with an application called challenge.

Well, right now, Tantan is getting more popular, also known as getting more popular and in great demand with those who love to do things Video call with people he doesn’t know in order to find friends or partners.

The reason the Tantan application has risen quite high in a short period of time is one of the reasons behind the ceaseless promotion of this application on social media like Facebook and Instagram. Interested and curious people will try to download and use this application.

With the theme of a matchmaking application, it is not surprising that Tantan is in great demand by those looking to have a partner.

The first time we download and open this application, we will need to enter biodata about our personal data, such as: B. Date of birth, gender and uploading our selfie photos, which make it easier for us to find a partner.

The Tantan application will match our personal data so that we can find a partner according to age and the closest environment.

The Tantan application is indeed very fun to use, most of all we can have a lot of friends and we can only get all of this through an application called Tantan.

When registering and filling in personal data and photos of us, it has of course become our official account, in particular for some personal data such as gender and some other personal data, information can no longer be changed.

How to delete a Tantan account easily

Usually there are people or users of the Tantan application who are just a fad or curious about this application so they find out and try to use this one application.

But after trying, users feel like Delete Tantan accountThis is because it can be caused by several things that are not what it expected.

If you might be one of the users of the Tantan application who would like this Delete Tantan account even permanently, the following admin explains how to delete it quickly and easily in a relatively short time.

1. Please open your Tantan application first and then select the menu area Line three that’s in the top left corner.

2. Then several options appear, here you can choose settings.

3. You can then select an option in the settings area Account security.

How to delete a Tantan account

4. You will see several options such as: B. Update phone number, password and delete account. Well, here you can permanently delete your Tantan account by. choose Deleting an account

How to delete a Tantan account

5. After you have clicked on Delete Account, you will first be asked for the reason why you are deleting the Tantan account. There are several answers that you can choose if it suits your reasons. If it doesn’t fit, you can choose an option miscellaneous.

How to block a Tantan account

6. The last step is to press OK to confirm the deletion of the account.

How to Block Friends on Tantan / Delete Friends on Tantan

Complete! Of course it’s easy, isn’t it?

That’s it How to permanently delete the Tantan account what you can try. In fact, it’s basically very easy to do as the Tantan application itself provided this feature. However, there are of course still many users who are confused about deleting Tantan accounts. Hopefully this can be useful to all of you. Much luck.

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